Su Shiyu took Lin Wei to the mobile phone store and said that he had helped her so much today and wanted to buy him a mobile phone as a gift. Lin Wei watched the live broadcast yesterday. It was really unfair to Su Shiyu. He refused Su Shiyu's offer to buy a mobile phone. But Su Shiyu insisted on helping him choose, but Lin Wei chose Nokia in the end. Su Shiyu consciously saved his phone number in his mobile phone, and noted it as "Shen Yan Mom".

There was already an uproar in the company. Bai Ruan asked curiously about the progress of Su Shiyu and Lin Wei, but Su Shiyu thought it was nothing. Lin Wei said that they were just friends who raised ducks together. At first, Su Shiyu also thought that Lin Wei was a playboy, but after contact, he discovered that Lin Wei was not like this, and might even have been injured. Su Shiyu had already begun to imagine that he would have a double harvest in love and career.

The next day, Su Shiyu moved her family to the mountains. The moving brother suddenly raised the price and wanted to attack Su Shiyu. Lin Wei showed up in time to support her. Su Shiyu also relied on someone to support her and claimed that she and Lin Wei were waiting for her. He came to shake people, but Lin Wei didn't refute. The first to get the moon near the water and the tower, Su Shiyu thought that Lin Wei must be in love without knowing it. When Lin Wei came to her room, Su Shiyu was applying a facial mask with her face covered, which startled him. Su Shiyu asked people to decorate it, but Lin Wei felt it was noisy, so Su Shiyu gave Lin Wei his noise-canceling headphones so that they could not disturb each other. Su Shiyu set a new ringtone for Lin Wei's cell phone, and while the two were having fun, Shu Yue and Luo Feifei came together. Shu Yue said that there was formaldehyde in his room and he wanted to stay with Lin Wei temporarily for a while. The purpose of Shu Yue's coming here was to help Su Shiyu live broadcast together. Su Shiyu disagreed and asked Shuyue to go down the mountain immediately. Lin Wei also insisted on Luo Feifei going down the mountain, but the two of them went in one ear and out the other. Luo Feifei and Su Shiyu lived together. She didn't think Lin Wei was Su Shiyu's leading actor. She didn't understand Lin Wei at all.

Shu Yue and Lin Wei lived together. Shu Yue stared at Lin Wei in the middle of the night and wanted to talk to him. He was worried that Lin Wei would deceive Su Shiyu's feelings, so he kept threatening him in his ears all night. Su Shiyu was noisy by Luo Feifei all night, and Lin Wei also didn't sleep well all night.

Su Shiyu hoped that Shuyue would assist him in capturing Lin Wei and talked to him heart-to-heart, but Shuyue did not have such a purpose. As a last resort, Su Shiyu could only try his best to drive Shu Yue away and spend time alone with Lin Wei. Luo Feifei saw Shu Yue's purpose and laughed at him because he would not be able to achieve his purpose. Shu Yue wanted to cooperate with Luo Feifei, but Luo Feifei said that their starting points were different. She knew Lin Wei too well, so maybe doing the opposite would be more effective. Lin Wei refused to let Luo Feifei eat the strawberry jam made by Su Shiyu. Luo Feifei said that he was very special to Su Shiyu. Lin Wei retorted that they were just friends. Before, he just didn't keep the distance and made her misunderstand. From Luo Feifei's words, Su Shiyu learned that Lin Wei was a non-marriage person.

Shu Yue wanted to work on Su Shiyu's room to prevent it from raining, but Su Shiyu was working and was a little upset by the noise. Especially when he thought of what Lin Wei and Luo Feifei said, he felt even more depressed. Shuyue was given a day off by Su Shiyu. He wanted to buy back the bag she had sold before, but he didn't have enough money.

It rained heavily at night, and Su Shiyu's room leaked as expected. Lin Wei braved the rain to help her strengthen the roof, and Su Shiyu hurriedly made cold medicine. Now there were only two of them here. Su Shiyu took the stereo and snacks. Lin Wei seemed to have something to say to her, but Su Shiyu always changed the subject. Su Shiyu couldn't help but speak first. There were some things she had to confirm. With the clear idea that he would die, Su Shiyu kissed Lin Wei.


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