Jin Xingchen swaggered to Mr. Lin's office, asked about Xiaoguang's project, lightly accused him of not doing a good job of investigation, and left after the notification, without saving any face. Mr. Lin could only find Su Shiyu again, and even persuaded her to give up the matter of persuading Lin Wei to go down the mountain. Mr. Lin planned to give up, and the business company also decided to give it to Chen Xiangxiang. Su Shiyu really wanted to fight for himself again, but Mr. Lin was helpless.

Shuyue planned to recruit for Xiaoguang, but Su Shiyu immediately stopped him when he saw this. The current situation of the company simply couldn't afford the wages of so many people. Su Shiyu left, but Lin Wei was not used to it. While sitting at the door waiting for Su Shiyu, Luo Feifei came with the interface of Su Shiyu's live broadcast. Luo Feifei didn't understand why Lin Wei kept Su Shiyu by his side. Seeing her start to introduce Tandian's good reviews, Luo Feifei scolded that all the good reviews were posted, and also commented on false propaganda. Lin Wei quickly took the phone stop. It's just that what Luo Feifei said was true, and Su Shiyu didn't falsely promote the French restaurant, and directly pointed out the fact that the taste was not delicious. Su Shiyu accidentally spilled red wine on her skirt, Shu Yue hurriedly wiped it for her, Lin Wei was a little jealous when he saw the screen. Soon Su Shiyu ate another fly in the dish, couldn't bear it and quarreled with the boss, and soon the live broadcast was interrupted.

The people from the Market Supervision Bureau came, and Su Shiyu repeatedly apologized to Shuyue, feeling that he had hurt him. Lin Wei suddenly appeared and came back with Su Shiyu and Shuyue. He was the one who called the Market Supervision Bureau. He was very worried about Su Shiyu's situation. Su Shiyu got drunk and fell asleep when he returned home, and Shuyue decided to spend the night here to take care of Su Shiyu. After waking up, Su Shiyu found that Lin Wei hadn't slept yet, the order for delicious coffee was gone, and Su Shiyu planned to move out tomorrow, so she could finally be herself without any scruples. Before leaving, Su Shiyu wanted to talk to Lin Wei. She could see that Lin Wei had been struggling with the past, but she hoped that Lin Wei could let go of those things and live happily.

The next day, Mr. Lin suddenly asked Su Shiyu to come to the company. Su Shiyu and Chen Xiangxiang's plans were blindly selected within the company, and everyone chose Su Shiyu, but Jin Xingchen still insisted on choosing Chen Xiangxiang, and even exposed Bai Ruan and Su Shiyu's chances.

Jin Xingchen and President Lin met Su Shiyu and Chen Xiangxiang together, and Chen Xiangxiang and Jin Xingchen made things difficult for Su Shiyu together, but no one expected Lin Wei to appear at this time. The focus of yesterday's incident was on the restaurant. Su Shiyu issued an apology statement this morning, so the number of views of Haowei Coffee has increased a lot. This wave of popularity is not profitable. Jin Xingchen and Lin Wei fought in the ring, and Mr. Lin acted as a peacemaker in the middle. In the end, Jin Xingchen decided to accept the pitch and make a choice based on the data of a video. Mr. Lin was also very pleased that Lin Wei broke his own principles for Su Shiyu, and it was obvious that Lin Wei liked Su Shiyu. Bai Ruan wrote her resignation letter, but Jin Xingchen unreasonably gave her three choices: accept her resignation and expose her as a spy sent by Xiaoguang, or double her salary and report to Lin Weihe all the time Su Shiyu's dynamics. Bai Ruan was so angry that she finally endured it and decided to fish in troubled waters.

Su Shiyu and Lin Wei went shopping together, thinking about buying something for Shen Yan.


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