Lin Wei got Su Shiyu aloe vera gel to relieve his fever, but soon Lin Wei noticed that Su Shiyu was unusual. When he was speechless for a moment, a very beautiful girl broke in. Her name is Luo Feifei, and she is the daughter of the old man who demolished Lin Wei's tea shed before, but to her surprise, the relationship between the two seems to be very good. According to Luo Feifei, Su Shiyu is a little fairy. When Su Shiyu was lying on the bed pretending to be sick, Luo Feifei broke in to see if she really had a cold and a fever. Lin Wei drove her away in time, and someone exposed Su Shiyu mercilessly.

When Lin Wei and Luo Feifei built a tea shed together, Su Shiyu showed his hospitality with coffee. Suddenly a row of cars appeared, and Su Shiyu became nervous, thinking that Uncle Hua was here to make trouble, but he didn't expect that it was Mr. Li from Huifang Juice, and he was very familiar with Lin Wei and Luo Feifei. Su Shiyu volunteered to solicit business, but was scolded back by Luo Feifei. Su Shiyu watched Luo Feifei and the people brought by Mr. Li help Lin Wei set up a tent, and couldn't help worrying that his hard work for so many days would be wasted because of the appearance of a little girl.

Lin Wei didn't come home for a long time, Su Shiyu only left some food for him, and the note even arrogantly let him eat cold food. In the next few days, Su Shiyu wandered around the tea shed, but Luo Feifei always chased her away, and even spoke ill of her behind her back. Su Shiyu was very depressed, and ran to the room to sleep angrily, but when she woke up, she found that Shenyan was gone. Lin Wei and Luo Feifei were chatting, and when they heard that Shenyan was missing, Lin Wei immediately got up to help find him, but Luo Feifei tried to persuade him repeatedly but did not stop him. Su Shiyu found Shenyan, turned around and found that Lin Wei was looking for her, and brought her a coat. Su Shiyu suddenly touched his face, turned to look at the stars together.

Su Shiyu was very confident, Lin Wei must have fallen in love with him. Soon the tea shed was set up, and Su Shiyu was a little anxious. Shu Yue told Bai Ruan that he was going to resign, and his parents had always opposed him staying here, so he had to go back to his hometown. Bai Ruan felt sorry for Su Shiyu, Xiaoguang was the most difficult time now, and she was afraid that the book would be the last straw for her. Shu Yue finally chose to stay and fight side by side with Su Shiyu. The purchase price of coffee beans in the village is getting cheaper and cheaper, and Jin Xingchen even plans to hire someone to develop new varieties. Jin Xingchen went to see Lin Wei. He was deeply concerned about his sister's death and hoped that Lin Wei would make a good atonement. Jin Xingchen was very strange today, actually supporting Lin Wei's tea plantation, Bai Ruan and Su Shiyu were talking about it in the car, seeing Jin Xingchen coming, Su Shiyu hurriedly got out of the car and left quickly.

Su Shiyu thought of Mr. Lin's words, so he ran to the tea shed to destroy the tea seedlings, but he still didn't do it. When Lin Wei came to work, it happened to be raining, so he gave Su Shiyu his raincoat, and Su Shiyu was grateful to help him work together. In fact, Su Shiyu was very curious, why did Lin Wei go up to the mountain to become an ascetic monk because he was not a good Forbes elite?

In order to find out why Lin Wei went up the mountain, Su Shiyu even began to study the psychological book. Lin Wei eats sloppily, so Su Shiyu made strawberry jam for her, and she will feel better after eating sweets.


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