There was another witness to the scene where Su Shiyu was drunk and kissed Lin Wei that day, and that was Shu Yue. Every time he thought of this scene in the future, he felt very strange. Su Shiyu cooked duck in a forest-flavored vegetarian pot and was driven down the mountain. The studio was besieged on all sides, and the money in the account was not even enough to pay water and electricity, and social security and wages were not paid. Despite this, Su Shiyu still decided to pay Shuyue his salary on time, but the money in the card was really not enough, so he had to decide to pay him at the end of the month.

Su Shiyu cooked delicious meals to find Lin Wei, but Lin Wei didn't treat her well. He thought that the rumors in the village were spread by Su Shiyu. Su Shiyu was turned away, and the landlord also came to press for the rent. Su Shiyu, who was depressed, simply drank the wine he brought alone, and then went to find Lin Wei. Lin Wei was so disturbed by Su Shiyu's noise that he even wanted to throw money at Su Shiyu and leave. Su Shiyu was very aggrieved and resentful, and left after a big fight with him, clutching his stomach. Seeing that she was really uncomfortable, Lin Wei hurriedly picked her up and took her to the hospital. Su Shiyu had gastroenteritis and needed an infusion. One second Su Shiyu was chasing Lin Wei away, and the next second he saw that Chen Xiangxiang was also sick. With the help of her boyfriend, she came down to the infusion room. Su Shiyu immediately changed her demeanor and pulled Lin Wei to call her brother, and then she He and Chen Xiangxiang started a competition between boyfriends, but Lin Wei left the hospital without giving any face.

On the way up the mountain, Lin Wei picked up a blessing ribbon and hurried back. Chen Xiangxiang and Su Shiyu had a big fight in the infusion room, and she didn't feel the slightest bit of guilt for her betrayal. Su Shiyu turned around and took the only valuable bag and sold it to return blood. This bag was bought by Chen Xiangxiang, Shu Yue, and Bai Ruan on her birthday, and was used to pay rent and salary. Shu Yue wanted to take this opportunity to resign, but she didn't expect Su Shiyu to know about it long ago. She asked Shu Yue to think about it again. If he had better development, Su Shiyu would support him. Su Shiyu held back his tears, but when he turned around, he found Lin Wei behind him, and bought the old duck soup she wanted to eat. In order to make amends, Su Shiyu brought Lin Wei to buy a duckling, which Lin Wei named Shen Yan.

This time, Lin Wei arranged for Su Shiyu to live in a small room. Although the bed was a bit hard and the room was a bit small, Su Shiyu didn't care. The room Lin Wei gave Shen Yan was even simpler. Under Su Shiyu's strong protest, Lin Wei built a nest for it, but Lin Wei wanted to resist Su Shiyu calling them Shen Yan's parents. For Su Shiyu's convenience, Lin Wei also switched on electricity at home. But the village chief ordered Lin Wei to be driven away, and even demolished the tea shed he built. Lin Wei was really sad for such an unreasonable person. Su Shiyu went to the village head to uphold justice for Lin Wei, but the village head said that she should care about her company. After all, what Lin Wei wants to grow is the endangered Eleven Lixiang, and it is more difficult to grow it than to reach the sky. Lin Wei set up a tent on his own, Su Shiyu met Lin Dong, she thought Lin Wei was just joking, who knew he was serious. Lin Dong told her to do it anyway, as long as she could persuade him to go down the mountain, even if it was to destroy the tea seedlings, he would still have his back.

Su Shiyu bought a warm baby pretending to have a fever and called Lin Wei to see it. Lin Wei went to pick aloe vera to make aloe vera gel, saying that it could relieve fever.


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