Mother Su was about to go down the mountain in anger, but accidentally sprained her foot. Shu Yue happened to pass by and quickly came to help, and admitted that he liked Su Shiyu. Lin Wei was very worried when he heard the news about Su's mother leaving. Unexpectedly, the next second Shuyue came back with the limp Su's mother in his arms. He even treated Lin Wei coldly and always pulled Shuyue to chat with him. . I learned that Shuyue's family was from Beijing and worked on a video platform. They were from a well-off family and liked him even more. He decided to help Shuyue catch up with Su Shiyu.

After Su's mother arrived, Su Shiyu and Lin Wei spent less time together. Su Shiyu wanted to find Lin Wei secretly in the middle of the night, but she didn't expect that Su's mother was on guard and she had no chance at all. Su's mother found Lin Wei in the middle of the night and said that he was actually a very good person, but she was a selfish mother. She could suffer some hardships, but her daughter could not. Lin Wei may be able to make a comeback in the future, but he has something hidden in his heart, so Shi Shi is suffering mentally from being with him. They were not suitable. Su's mother didn't like the changes Lin Wei had brought to Su Shiyu, and it was even less likely that she would like Lin Wei.

Su's mother took Su Shiyu to go shopping with her down the mountain. Su Shiyu was not interested in it. After finally handing over the job, Su's mother took Su Shiyu to have dinner with Shu Yue. Shu Yue was dressed very exquisitely today. He hoped that Su Shiyu would not regard him as a disciple tonight, but as a man. When they met for the first time, Shu Yue was forced by Su Shiyu to be interviewed at a young age. At first, he thought they were a scam company, but as they got along slowly, he realized that what Su Shiyu said was not intended to deceive him, and he gradually understood that following a company Good people are more useful than joining a big company. Shuyue hopes to stay with Su Shiyu all the time. Su's mother asked him to break them up today, but Shuyue will not become like this. From now on, they will remain militant and friendly partners.

Shu Yue failed to confess his love, but he also felt a sense of enlightenment. He handed over all the photos he carefully collected to Lin Wei, threatening to treat Su Shiyu well or he would not let him go. Su Shiyu didn't want Su's mother to interfere with her feelings anymore. She had been independent and sensible in her mother's heart since she was a child, but who knew that she had always longed for maternal love. Now that she has grown up, Su's mother cares about her instead. It's an obsession. Su's mother wanted to leave gloomily, but Lin Wei saw that it was going to rain heavily and there might be a mudslide, so he quickly took her umbrella to the tea shed to take shelter from the rain. Su's mother calmed down and asked Lin Wei why she liked Su Shiyu. Lin Wei's heartfelt thoughts moved Su's mother. Su Shiyu had always been a sensible and cheerful person, but the reason why she was like this was because she did not dare to be willful. Only then did Su's mother realize that she was missing a lot in Su Shiyu's life, and took her sensibleness for granted. Su Shiyu, who came in a hurry, was very moved when he heard what the two said.

After returning home, Su Shiyu took a towel to wipe her hair with Lin Wei's encouragement. Su's mother suddenly apologized to her, and the mother and daughter finally resolved all the barriers. After staying in the village for a while, Su's mother finally confirmed the relationship between Su Shiyu and Lin Wei, left a letter to Su Shiyu and went down the mountain with peace of mind.


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