Su Shiyu carefully selected a group photo to post on WeChat Moments to show off her affection. Lin Wei also cooperated by taking a photo of holding hands, showing off her affection in a big way. The next day, Luo Feifei came to see Su Shiyu in a hurry. It turned out that it was because she and Lin Wei were on the hot search. Haowei Coffee's stock rose by ten points, and many people wanted to interview Su Shiyu. . Su Shiyu was not surprised at all. She had seen it a long time ago. Most of those marketing accounts rely on poaching privacy. This kind of public opinion dividend cannot be reaped. Soon Shu Yue rushed in, and Su Shiyu's mother came to Wushan. Su's mother walked up the mountain in high heels and called Su Shiyu by the way.

Luo Feifei said that she now believed that Su Shiyu and Lin Wei were a good match, and that her alliance with Shuyue had also been dissolved, and advised him to give up pursuing Su Shiyu. Su's mother came to the temple to fulfill her wish, and took Lin Wei along the way to give some incense money. She was still secretly regretting that Lin Wei was quite handsome, but it was a pity that he was a monk. Su's mother was very dissatisfied when she visited the place where Su Shiyu lived. She always believed that women should be refined and find a man to marry. But Mother Su never expected that Su Shiyu's boyfriend was the young master she just met in the temple. Su Shiyu hurriedly explained. Su Shiyu asked about his work and family situation, and found out that he had no job, relied on farming for a living, and even didn't have a house. He felt anxious. Su's mother then approached Shuyue to ask about Su Shiyu and Lin Wei. Shuyue gave a perfunctory answer, then made an excuse and ran away. Knowing that they had been dating for less than a month, Su's mother thought there was still a possibility of breaking them up.

Luo Feifei persuaded Shu Yue to give up his pursuit of Su Shiyu, but he would inevitably feel guilty when Shu Yue got closer. Su's mother said that she would stay temporarily to accompany Su Shiyu, and Lin Wei said that they should also get along well. Su's mother worked together in the cabin all night, and was very picky about the dishes they cooked the next day. Su Shiyu was worried that Lin Wei would be unhappy, but Lin Wei understood that she was a sharp-tongued person. After Su Shiyu went to work, Su's mother asked Lin Wei to take her around. Su's mother was too tired to say a word after climbing the mountain road for a day.

The village chief held an emergency meeting, and they learned that the person behind the Sanqi Foundation turned out to be Mother Lin, and she was the one who funded the village when the harvest was bad. The villagers suddenly realized that, encouraged by the village chief, they all decided to help Lin Wei grow Eleven Mile Incense. Lin Wei took Su's mother all the way to Xiaoguang's office, and happened to meet the villagers, who all agreed to plant tea. Su's mother learned about the Sanqi Foundation from their conversation, but unexpectedly discovered that Lin Wei was still in debt. Mother Su asked directly, and Lin Wei also admitted that Mother Su believed that Su Shiyu was acting on a whim, and hoped that Lin Wei would not implicate her daughter. Su's mother took a sip of scalding water and spit it on the tea leaves. Lin Wei was so distressed that she could only decide to send Su's mother home first. Su Shiyu saw Lin Wei moving the saplings and wondered who had burned them, but soon discovered that it was Su's mother who did it. Su Shiyu came to question Su's mother, and the mother and daughter had a big fight.


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