After finally resting tomorrow, Su Shiyu decided to accompany Lin Wei, but Shu Yue asked her out but was rejected. Luo Feifei also came to make an appointment with Shuyue, but this time she was the one who was rejected. Su Shiyu realized that Luo Feifei was a little worried about Shu Yue's feelings. In fact, she had only recently felt Shu Yue's feelings for her, and she was very depressed. Su Shiyu asked Lin Wei about Shu Yue, but Lin Wei's attitude was very clear. He believed in Su Shiyu and she had her own work needs.

Early the next morning, Shu Yue received an invitation from Su Shiyu, and saw her and Lin Wei looking gloomy in matching casual clothes. The public account already has 600,000 fans. Su Shiyu gave everyone business cards and bonuses. The company was invited to participate in the Star Star Internet Celebrity Ceremony, but everyone ran away. Bai Ruan went to give clothes to Jin Xingchen. One of the clothes he bought was for Bai Ruan. There was an Internet celebrity conference and he wanted Bai Ruan to accompany him.

In order to participate in the grand ceremony, Lin Wei also attached great importance to it and specially arranged for Su Shiyu to wear a black dress with him. At the entrance of the ceremony, Su Shiyu greeted Lin Wei, Luo Feifei and Bai Ruan, and then Lin Wei went to socialize. When Chen Xiangxiang met Su Shiyu, she started talking rudely, but she met the simple couple Chun Huahua and Niu Fangfang. They were bloggers with 30 million fans, and Chen Xiangxiang was frustrated. Jin Xingchen didn't expect Lin Wei to come today. After all, he never liked such occasions. Lin Wei ignored Jin Xingchen's words. No matter what, family love cannot be let go. Chun Huahua and Niu Fangfang donated the 200,000 bonus to the Sanqi Charitable Foundation, but Jin Xingchen came on stage and took the microphone, saying that he was the person in charge of the Sanqi Foundation, and announced the dissolution of the Sanqi Foundation. . Since the Sanqi Foundation is related to Xiaojin Village, Lin Wei would naturally disagree and said that he would be responsible for all operating issues of the Sanqi Foundation and would turn the Sanqi Foundation into an APP.

The reporter's camera turned to Lin Wei and Su Shiyu again. Jin Xingchen stepped down, and Bai Ruan caught up and asked him why he did this. Jin Xingchen actually didn't want to do this. The Sanqi Foundation represents his sister's birthday, March 7th. Lin Wei has been the apple of his family's eyes since he was a child, and his sister was still thinking about him before she died. In Jin Xingchen's heart, Lin Wei is the most selfish person, and he will never forgive Lin Wei. When Bai Ruan saw this, he didn't know what to say.

Chen Xiangxiang, who won the Best Fashion Award, came to show off in front of Su Shiyu. Unexpectedly, reporters swarmed up and wanted to interview Su Shiyu and Lin Wei, completely treating her as a transparent person. Chen Xiangxiang could only hold up her skirt and leave angrily, while in the book With the help of Yue and Luo Feifei, Su Shiyu and Lin Wei safely left the circle of reporters. Su Shiyu, who was wearing high heels, could not continue walking, so Lin Wei carried her on his back. Su Shiyu felt very happy at this moment.


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