Shuyue and Lin Wei talked on the phone and drove to Xiaojin Village again. Lin Wei wanted to talk to Mr. Zhang. Under the coercion and inducement of everyone, Mr. Zhang reluctantly agreed to give Su Shiyu a chance. Lin Wei and Shuyue helped Su Shiyu launch the live broadcast and wanted to gain a chance in front of Mr. Zhang. At this time, Shen Yan ran out to cause trouble. Everyone was busy catching ducks. For a while, everyone fell on their backs and the live broadcast room became a mess. Mr. Zhang was completely speechless and humbly made a request to go home.

Shu Yue chased after and apologized to Mr. Zhang, but nothing could compare to Lin Wei's name. The better the book, the better it was. It was not easy to get an opportunity to come back to work, and I was very excited. Su Shiyu was very grateful to Lin Wei for the changes he had made for him, and he once again wore a suit to accompany her in acting. Early the next morning, Lin Wei and Shu Yue met on a narrow road, and the conversation between their love rivals was even more intense. During yesterday's live broadcast, everyone's departure was made into emoticons. Chen Xiangxiang specially sent a message to ridicule it. Even Su Shiyu had an exclusive emoticon and was even called "Sister Duck Shit". Seeing the intimate behavior between Su Shiyu and Shu Yue, Luo Feifei's reaction seemed to be even greater than that of Lin Wei.

Bai Ruan and Jin Xingchen had dinner together. Bai Ruan was not interested in working overtime in the restaurant on weekends. Jin Xingchen suddenly brought up the matter of her sending him home some time ago. Bai Ruan was very impatient. Who knew that Jin Xingchen decided to let her be his girlfriend. The reason was that they were familiar with each other and they were of marriageable age. Bai Ruan rolled his eyes and ran away. Putting Lin Wei in debt had no effect. Mr. Cai also proposed to use the Sanqi Foundation. Jin Xingchen had never had this plan. After all, the Sanqi Foundation was her sister's lifelong effort.

Su Shiyu was surprised to learn that Jin Xingchen and Bai Ruan had confessed. Their current situation was very complicated. Bai Ruan received a call from Jin Xingchen at this time, but the voice on the other end was from the police station. Bai Ruan hurried to the police station, thinking that something big happened to Jin Xingchen. He only vented his temper after seeing that Jin Xingchen was safe and sound. Luo Feifei and Shu Yue have been getting along very ambiguously recently, but Shu Yue didn't notice it. Mr. Zhang decided to invest in Xiaoguang, and the live broadcast became popular. Mr. Zhang also saw hope and couldn’t wait to sign the contract today. Mr. Zhang also had Lin Wei's reasons for investing his time. After all, he was inspired by him to make a fortune. Now, although Lin Wei has encountered some difficulties, he can definitely turn around.

Xiaojin Village of the Little Light Team issued a recruitment notice, and the villagers were naturally happy to sign up. Luo Feifei was aware of his feelings for Shuyue, but felt a little unsure, so he had to ask Lin Wei for help. Su Shiyu and Shu Yue had dinner together to celebrate. Shu Yue made an agreement with his mother that if he could make a brand out of his childhood within two years, he would not go home and inherit the family business. Lin Wei persuaded Luo Feifei to be brave and confess to Shuyue, but Luo Feifei had learned from past experience and would not agree even if he died. Seeing that Su Shiyu never came back, Lin Wei called her, but it was Shu Yue who answered the phone. Lin Wei immediately came to Mr. Lin's car to pick up Su Shiyu and go home. Because Shuyue answered Su Shiyu's call, Lin Wei was jealous. After finding out about this, Su Shiyu was very happy. He didn't expect such a proud person. There will also be the appearance of falling into the mortal world for love.


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