Su Shiyu passed Luo Feifei's test, but Luo Feifei turned around and learned the news of their breakup. Luo Feifei's Panax notoginseng fund was frozen, and he also learned that Lin Wei was threatened by Mr. Cai. Lin Wei didn't have any idea. At worst, he would return what he earned from Mr. Cai, but Luo Feifei asked He, Su Shiyu, and Lin Wei did not answer.

Su Shiyu spent the whole night thinking about the process of getting along with Lin Wei. She didn't know what happened and was so depressed that she didn't sleep all night. Early the next morning, Su Shiyu complained a lot with Shen Yan in his arms and decided to work hard. Luo Feifei told Shuyue that Su Shiyu and Lin Wei broke up, but she felt that they would definitely reconcile this time. Jin Xingchen proposed for the third time that Mr. Lin should retire, so this time Mr. Lin went up the mountain to find Lin Wei again. Mr. Lin drove a car to Lin Wei. He also knew about the asset freeze, but he still had everything. Mr. Lin was still urging Lin Wei and Su Shiyu to get married. He also wanted to have a grandson.

Su Shiyu was depressed all day long, and after being reminded by Aunt Dasha, she realized that with Lin Wei's character, he must have encountered something major that could not be solved before breaking up with her! Lin Wei was restricted from spending, and Su Shiyu still needed funds to start a business. He didn't want Su Shiyu to suffer with him. Luo Feifei uncharacteristically sided with Su Shiyu, and he went too far. Luo Feifei took the initiative to find Su Shiyu and told her the truth. She believed that love should not be like this, but she also hoped that Su Shiyu could think clearly. After all, Lin Wei's debt was very heavy. If she did not stand with Lin Wei, Together, no one would blame her. Su Shiyu was very touched and thanked Luo Feifei for treating herself as an independent person and thanked her for telling him the truth.

Su Shiyu scolded Lin Wei. Since they had to trust each other if they decided to be together, he should not push her away. The two reconciled as before. Shuyue came back suddenly and brought a lot of Beijing specialties to share with the villagers, but Su Shiyu's attitude towards it was very strange. Luo Feifei despised Shu Yue's current exaggerated style, and even advised Shu Yue to look further away. Now that she had thought clearly, it was better not to suffer the pain of love, but she didn't realize that she had been attracted to Shu Yue for a long time. .

Su Shiyu received another invitation from Tandian Funeral Home, and felt even more depressed. Couldn't she have some invitation from the earthly world? The caller, Mr. Zhang, was from Shuyue. The reason why Su Shiyu agreed to meet Mr. Zhang to find investment was because he wanted to help Lin Wei pay off his debt as soon as possible. Su Shiyu asked the village chief to help her find an office. Luo Feifei said that Shu Yue had already found it for her, and advised Su Shiyu not to be angry with Shu Yue again.

With everyone's help, Little Time reopened. Bai Ruan came here specially to deliver gifts. She had been acting strange recently and didn't reply to messages. Su Shiyu even suspected that she was going to fall in love. The village chief arranged a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony for Xiaoguang. Su Shiyu and Lin Wei cut the ribbon together, and the scene looked a bit like a wedding scene. Shu Yue took Mr. Zhang to meet with Su Shiyu. Su Shiyu saw Shu Yue's face looking a little ugly. The village chief and Aunt Dasha came to support the scene, but the scene was a bit messy, which surprised Mr. Zhang. Shuyue persuaded Mr. Zhang to give Xiao Guang another chance, but Mr. Zhang was no longer patient. Su Shiyu seemed indifferent on the surface, but felt very disappointed in his heart.


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