Su Shiyu's circle of friends caused the village to fall into gossip, and the news that Su Shiyu and Lin Wei were in love also spread like wildfire. For this reason, everyone pulled Lin Wei to take on the responsibility of criticizing and communicating with Su Shiyu. Su Shiyu was looking forward to this relationship, so Lin Wei couldn't be so ignorant. Lin Wei didn't have a circle of friends, it was Su Shiyu's circle of friends that he saw on Aunt Dasha's phone.

When Su Shiyu was still depressed, Aunt Dasha came to help, bringing a tape recorder, red wine and a red cheongsam to set the atmosphere in order to win over Lin Wei. Lin Wei saw such a romantic scene when he returned home. Although he knew everyone's good intentions, he felt that love, like growing tea, should be taken slowly. Lin Wei took Su Shiyu's hand and said that the future was still long and they could take their time.

Luo Feifei heard Aunt Dasha's discussion and quickly followed up to gossip, then turned to discuss countermeasures with Shuyue. Shuyue and his mother submitted their resignations and decided to return to their childhood. As soon as Su Shiyu woke up, he received a notice from the village chief, saying that an emergency meeting was to be held. Su Shiyu was afraid that he would criticize the meeting. After all, the cheongsam last night scared the village chief. Lin Wei asked Su Shiyu to reserve tomorrow's time for himself, and he still owed her a date. Luo Feifei thought clearly. As Lin Wei's childhood friend, she wanted to give Su Shiyu a good test.

The next day, Lin Wei took Su Shiyu to the market, and Luo Feifei also clamored to follow. With Luo Feifei standing between the two of them, Su Shiyu was a little depressed, so he simply made a bet with her, and if he won, he wouldn't be able to pester her anymore. While Luo Feifei was focusing on the game, Lin Wei quickly pulled Su Shiyu away and officially started their date. Luo Feifei called Lin Wei without giving up and went to the nursing home. Lin Wei and these old people looked very familiar. Su Shiyu was not familiar with Lin Wei's life, and Luo Feifei obviously had no intention of telling her. Lin Wei was sued for arrears, and the court froze his property. All this was done by Mr. Cai, but none of these could threaten Lin Wei, but Mr. Cai mentioned Su Shiyu.

This nursing home was founded by Lin Wei's mother, and the residents were all lonely elderly people. They usually didn't want to live and eat for free, so they made some silk thread subsidies. Su Shiyu also followed suit, but accidentally scratched his hand. Teacher Li quickly helped her apply the medicine and told her that Lin Wei had suffered a lot and hoped that his days would be sweet in the future. After eating dog food for a day, Luo Feifei finally left. In order not to injure Su Shiyu, Lin Wei proposed to separate for a while. He had some things to deal with. Su Shiyu was a little confused by the news. Why did Lin Wei make the decision for her, and how did he know that she couldn't tide over the difficulties together? Su Shiyu was very angry. No matter what the reason was, Lin Wei couldn't abandon him at this time.


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