At night, the villagers sang and danced. Aunt Dasha took Lin Wei and Su Shiyu to drink together. Luo Feifei quickly took a video to Shuyue and asked him to come back quickly, otherwise the house would be stolen. Su Shiyu received a call, and the other party introduced a job, selling cemeteries, which was a matter of hanging a link, but Su Shiyu refused. Lin Wei caught up to persuade Su Shiyu to move back, but Luo Feifei also came. She had something to say to Lin Wei alone. Luo Feifei had never thought of being worthy of Lin Wei for so many years, but Su Shiyu's appearance made her realize that she could speak her mind boldly. Although she already knew about Lin Wei and Su Shiyu's relationship, Luo Feifei still didn't want the relationship to end in vain. She expressed her love and she would not give up easily after so many years of relationship.

Su Shiyu was very depressed when she returned home. Why did she pretend to be generous and give them space to be alone? She didn't know what Lin Wei was thinking. Lin Wei came back and said that Luo Feifei was Luo Feifei and Su Shiyu was Su Shiyu. Su Shiyu was resentful for no reason, but Lin Wei confessed at this time that he hoped they would become us in the future. Su Shiyu hesitated, but didn't he make a wish? Lin Wei said lightly that it would be a thunderbolt.

After confirming the relationship, Su Shiyu slept soundly that night. Lin Wei was making rice noodles. Su Shiyu leaned over to help, and said the sticky "baby" by the way, but was interrupted by Lin Wei again and again. As if Lin Wei had read through Su Shiyu's thoughts, he called her baby first. Su Shiyu drove back to check out the rental, and encountered Luo Feifei who carjacked the car halfway. Luo Feifei was very depressed. She thought that the distance between them was even shorter when Lin Wei lived in seclusion in the mountains, but she didn't expect to be intercepted halfway by Su Shiyu. Luo Feifei also gave Su Shiyu a stern warning that she would definitely stare at her. Shuyue called and learned that his home had been stolen.

When Su Shiyu checked out of the lease, Chen Xiangxiang came to challenge her, and Su Shiyu fought back without giving up. Bai Ruan has been a little absent-minded recently because he was messed up by Jin Xingchen. After asking Su Shiyu about it, he became even more depressed. Jin Xingchen asked Bai Ruan to come back again and said he wanted to see her if he had anything to do. Bai Ruan thought it was because of what happened that night, but he didn't expect it was because of work. Jin Xingchen was preparing to go on a business trip during this period and asked Bai Ruan if there was anything he wanted to say to him. He would be gone for a long time. Jin Xingchen held her hand and wanted to take her out for dinner, but Mr. Cai broke in and expressed his desire to cooperate with Jin Xingchen. Only he could make Lin Wei lose everything. Jin Xingchen did not agree. No matter how much hatred he had for Lin Wei, it was his own family matter and did not require Mr. Cai's involvement. But Mr. Cai's words made Jin Xingchen feel nervous and hesitant.

Lin Wei admitted that Su Shiyu was his girlfriend, and Mr. Lin was very happy. He thought that Lin Wei would be with Qingdeng Kufo for the rest of his life. Fortunately, Haowei Coffee was saved. Hao Tasty Coffee held a coffee day event. Mr. Lin asked Su Shiyu for a booth, and Su Shiyu naturally agreed. Lin Wei disclosed their relationship. Su Shiyu was angry on the surface, but flowers fluttered in his heart. Su Shiyu went back to the room and dressed up to have dinner with Lin Wei, but Lin Wei just complimented her on how good-looking she was, and there was no disturbance at all. In the next few days, Su Shiyu dressed up every day and gave Lin Wei a love fruit plate, but it was a pity that he didn't see it. Su Shiyu depressedly posted on WeChat Moments that this relationship would be lonely, and it would be better to play cotton.

The more Shu became dissatisfied with his mother's arrangements, the more the gap between mother and son grew. Lin Wei covered the sleeping Su Shiyu with a blanket and gently pecked her on the lips.


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