Early the next morning, Lin Wei was cured by the sight of Su Shiyu making breakfast in the kitchen. Bai Ruan was not surprised when he discovered the existence of Lin Wei. After all, under the circumstances like yesterday, what Su Shiyu needed most was Lin Wei. Mr. Cai came specially to pick up Lin Wei, wanting to talk to him alone and persuade him to return to Yuanqi Capital. Jin Xingchen seemed to have forgotten everything about yesterday, which made Bai Ruan very depressed.

The board of directors made the decision to temporarily remove Jin Xingchen from his position as CEO. It was Lin Wei who exercised his veto power. He and Mr. Lin own 63% of the shares and can completely let Jin Xingchen step down when necessary. Lin Wei wants to tell Jin Xingchen, the company is not a place for him to abuse his power. Of course, Lin Wei will not let Jin Xingchen step down. Today's incident is just a warning. Lin Wei rejected Mr. Cai’s proposal to return to Yuanqi Capital. Mr. Cai was very dissatisfied and threatened to exercise his rights and implement a buyback.

Jin Xingchen asked Bai Ruan if Lin Wei was the orthodox version of good-tasting coffee in everyone's mind. Bai Ruan felt a little embarrassed because he didn't mean to talk about that. The village chief was full of praise for the sugar-free snacks Su Shiyu made for him. He also advised Lin Wei to work hard and not let such a good girl go. Su Shiyu also returned to Xiaojin Village at this time, and she wanted to be careful what she said.

Su Shiyu brought some medicine to Lin Wei, but Luo Feifei proposed to chat with Su Shiyu and threatened to wait and see. Aunt Dasha asked Su Shiyu to come over to help. Jin Na had already held one wedding, but Aunt Dasha insisted that Jin Na hold another one in the village, but Jin Na was unwilling. The two had a big quarrel, and Su Shiyu and Lin Wei tried to persuade them to stop.

For the wedding the next day, Su Shiyu also changed into national clothes, but coincidentally they matched Luo Feifei's clothes. Jin Na was busy working before the wedding and was not interested in the wedding. She was almost suffocated to death. It was rare for Su Shiyu to chat with her. In fact, she felt that Xiao Jin Village was different. Everyone happily sent Jin Na to get married for this ceremony, and also hoped that Jin Na could get married happily. After Su Shiyu left, Luo Feifei came to Jin Na to ask for a wreath, but Jin Na said that someone also asked for a wreath, so she had to follow the rules.

Su Shiyu and Luo Feifei were wearing the same clothes and bickering. The aunts asked Lin Wei whether he liked white roses or red roses, but Lin Wei replied that he didn't like roses, he only liked Su Shiyu. Jin Na told Aunt Dasha that she decided not to wear a wedding dress and replaced it with a native wedding dress made by her. Those present today are all uncles, aunts and friends who have watched Jin Na grow up. Jin Na is very happy to be able to get married in front of everyone. Jin Na wants to compete in a game, and the winner will get the balloon. But Luo Feifei didn't expect that the person who asked Jin Na for a wreath would be Lin Wei. Lin Wei protected Su Shiyu during the game. In the end, the village chief got the wreath and gave it to his wife. Everyone had a truly happy smile on their face.


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