Jin Xingchen handed over the project to Chen Xiangxiang, making all Su Shiyu's efforts in vain. Even if she was angry, it was useless, because Jin Xingchen could not disclose this set of data. He wanted to tell Su Shiyu and Lin Wei that in Haowei He has the final say over coffee, he is the Party A! Bai Ruan wanted to fight for Su Shiyu, but Jin Xingchen scolded him back. Shu Yue took his mother to Xiaoguang. Shumu knew that he had used Kuzhan homepage resources for Xiaoguang, and was even more curious about what kind of person Su Shiyu was. He could actually ask Lin Weiye to call and ask them to give her resources to Kuzhan. . Shumu asked Shuyue to go back immediately to pack her things and go home with her.

Lin Wei was waiting for Su Shiyu at Haowei Coffee, and he brought her rose jam made by himself. Su Shiyu's results were not ideal. Lin Wei did not want these to affect her mood, and also hoped that she could eat well. Shuyue didn't come to keep the appointment. It was Shumu who came. Only then did Su Shiyu know that Shuyue was the prince of Kuzhan. Shuyue was unwilling to intern at Kuzhan to find time for a while, but now she has to take Shuyue back to Beijing, after all, Kuzhan has a better future. Bai Ruan wanted to take Su Shiyu to Jin Xingchen to discuss it, but Su Shiyu did not agree and had no intention of fighting.

Shumu thought Su Shiyu was taking advantage of Shuyue, and she didn't believe it no matter how Shuyue explained. Bai Ruan stayed with Su Shiyu, planning to stay drunk until he came home. Unexpectedly, Jin Xingchen called her drunk and called her to pick him up. Su Shiyu was completely disheartened after everything she experienced today. She thought she was someone else's salvation, but in fact she was someone else's burden. Shu Yue sent a message to comfort Su Shiyu, hoping that she would not give up her childhood because of this, and that he would definitely come back, but Su Shiyu just replied with a happy birthday. Su Shiyu burst into tears in the car. Lin Wei didn't bother when he heard the crying in the car, but just followed her behind the car. Su Shiyu came to a bar, and Lin Wei followed and wanted to take her back, but Su Shiyu was in a bad mood and was unwilling to go back. Su Shiyu was teased by a gangster on the dance floor. Lin Wei rushed up and beat him up, almost getting hurt himself.

After Bai Ruan sent Jin Xingchen home, she told him that she did have ulterior motives at first and wanted to use the delicious coffee to help Xiao Guang, but she did not neglect her duties. Jin Xingchen didn't seem to hear his words at all, and instead asked her if she had ever truly fallen in love with someone.

Su Shiyu and Lin Wei were taken to the police station. Many people at the scene saw Lin Wei hitting someone first, so the situation was a bit special. The other party clamored to sue them, but unexpectedly Mr. Cai appeared, and he immediately apologized and did not dare to speak. After leaving the police station, Mr. Cai sent Su Shiyu and Lin Wei to Su Shiyu's home. Su Shiyu took Lin Wei to take a bath. Bai Ruan suddenly came to Su Shiyu to express his feelings. Su Shiyu was so frightened that he hid in the shower room for fear that she would find Lin Wei. After taking a bath, Su Shiyu carefully helped Lin Wei apply the medicine. For the first time, she mentioned her family. Her father died young and her mother remarried but had good financial conditions and gave Su Shiyu a lot of help.

Su Shiyu gave up the bed to Lin Wei and made the floor beside him. All the mourning seemed to be focused on today. Thinking about it now, Su Shiyu felt that it was a stupid thing to persuade Lin Wei to go down the mountain for the order of delicious coffee. Lin Wei has been comforting her. In fact, he knows that the Tasty Coffee project was lost because of him, and he will definitely seek justice for Su Shiyu. Su Shiyu was so tired that she fell asleep. Lin Wei helped her tuck the quilt and kissed her lips uncontrollably. Lin Wei ran to the other side to sleep in annoyance, and Su Shiyu opened his eyes proudly.


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