Su Shiyu likes Lin Wei, but this love ends here. She must admit that liking requires a response, but she can't do it without any expectations for Lin Wei. He has important things to do, and so does Su Shiyu. The reason why Su Shiyu said it was her own responsibility was just to put an end to this love. She didn't want to cause trouble to others anymore, and she was very grateful to Lin Wei for putting up with her. Early the next morning, Su Shiyu packed her things and prepared to move out of Lin Wei's house. She had been dazzled by love before, but she still had things she should do.

Looking at the empty house, Lin Wei was no longer calm. Every time he thought of Su Shiyu, his heart often surged, and he couldn't do anything absent-mindedly. Luo Feifei told Shuyue about the scene he saw last night, but they couldn't be happy too early. After all, love is hard to explain. Mr. Lin came to the tea shed to look at the tea seedlings, and curiously asked Lin Wei about the whereabouts of Su Shiyu. Mr. Lin told Lin Wei that if the important person was gone, he would never appear again in his life, and he did not want Lin Wei to have any regrets. .

Su Shiyu temporarily stayed at Aunt Dasha's house because she still needed to shoot some videos in Xiaojin Village. Lin Wei could not calm down, so he took the white fungus porridge to Aunt Dasha's house. Lin Wei accidentally spilled white fungus porridge on Su Shiyu's computer. Su Shiyu drove him away impatiently. She didn't want to get involved in this mess anymore. There was no need or need for them to meet in the future. Aunt Dasha decided to ask the two of them to help go to the city to purchase Jin Na's wedding supplies tomorrow. This was the last time she helped. The next day, Lin Wei drove Su Shiyu to purchase on a motorcycle, but Su Shiyu still refused to pay attention to Lin Wei. Aunt Wang asked them to help try on wedding dresses again, but Su Shiyu reluctantly agreed. One of them was wearing a wedding dress and the other was wearing a suit. The atmosphere was particularly subtle, and Aunt Wang asked them to take a photo together.

Aunt Wang planned to evacuate to give them a chance to be alone together. Unexpectedly, Su Shiyu had a temporary job and wanted to go to Shuyue to deliver things. Lin Wei wanted to say something to her, but he still asked her insincerely about her confidence in tomorrow's bidding. After Su Shiyu and Shu Yue finished editing the video, it was Shu Yue's birthday and they made an appointment to have dinner together in the evening. Today is also the bidding meeting for delicious coffee. Chen Xiangxiang's bold video style surprised everyone present. In comparison, Xiaoguang's videos are both advanced and beautiful. Mr. Lin was very satisfied with her video and asked about her and Lin Wei's situation. Lin Wei also called at this time and said that he came to visit Mr. Lin, but in fact he was still worried about Su Shiyu.

When the time came, the video data of Su Shiyu and Chen Xiangxiang also came out. Chen Xiangxiang used some tricks behind his back. When Lin Wei saw this, he also took out his mobile phone and made a few calls. In a short time, Su Shiyu was on the home page of major video websites. Chen Xiangxiang looked ugly and mocked Su Shiyu to his face for having a financial backer. Before the results came out, Shuyue's mother left Yunbei first. Jin Xingchen finally handed the order to Chen Xiangxiang, and ridiculed Su Shiyu for disrupting competition because those video websites were all invested by Lin Wei Company, and asked her to tell Lin Wei that he now has the final say in this company. 


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