Bai Ruan woke up early in the morning and found himself in a strange environment. He was a little panicked for a moment, and hurriedly carried his bag and sneaked to work. Bai Ruan was late but was discovered by Jin Xingchen, who not only criticized him in person but also had his salary deducted. Su Shiyu specially made a sugar-free version of chiffon cake for the village chief. When faced with such a foodie, Su Shiyu was very resourceful. Su Shiyu went to the village chief with the cake in hand. The village chief arrogantly refused to eat it, but after Su Shiyu's hard work, the village chief relented. Su Shiyu quickly told Lin Wei that there might be a solution as long as he washed the soil regularly.

Washing the soil was very troublesome, so Su Shiyu asked someone to come over to help. After it was over, Su Shiyu planned to treat everyone to dinner tomorrow night as a thank you. Luo Feifei was unwilling to lag behind and asked Lin Wei to send him back to school. Su Shiyu quickly asked Shu Yue to send him off instead of Lin Wei. Shu Yue was anxious to send her back to find Su Shiyu, but Luo Feifei suddenly realized that Lin Wei had changed and that the situation of the two of them might be getting better.

Su Shiyu and Lin Wei looked at the tea seedlings together, and she would definitely accompany Lin Wei to watch the tea seedlings grow vigorously and flourish. Su Shiyu had a fever and her face looked a little strange. Lin Weigang wanted to send her to the hospital, but Su Shiyu embarrassedly said that she was her aunt. Shuyue sent Luo Feifei to the bus station, and when he was about to return to the village, he received a call from his mother. The strange thing is that his mother did not urge him to go home. Instead, he gave him a sum of money to express that his birthday was coming and asked him to buy a gift for himself.

After getting the money, Shuyue immediately rushed to the second-hand store and bought back the bag that Su Shiyu had sold. Lin Wei came back after pouring a cup of brown sugar water for Su Shiyu. Su Shiyu had already fallen asleep deeply, and Lin Wei couldn't help but touch her face. Shuyue rushed back and saw this scene without saying anything, and quietly put the bag in her cabinet. After a day's rest, Su Shiyu was fully resurrected. She and Lin Wei took care of tea seedlings, went to the supermarket together, and took selfies together. Shu Yue was upset when he saw their selfies, but Su Shiyu sent a message asking him to come back. She and Lin Wei cooked a table of delicious dishes together.

The villagers quarreled again over Lin Wei's tea planting, but the village chief did not object to it this time. Lin Wei's tea planting had a long road ahead. Su Shiyu and Lin Wei invited the villagers to dinner together to celebrate the new life of the tea seedlings. With Su Shiyu by his side, Lin Wei's aloofness became an advantage. After all, she was in the atmosphere team. After a tiring day, Lin Wei saw signs of rain again and planned to reinforce the tea shed.

Su Shiyu found Shu Yue's bag hidden in the cabinet and felt sad. The two of them searched everywhere for the lost memory card. Shuyue kept comforting Su Shiyu, and then took the initiative to take the matter on himself, making Su Shiyu feel more guilty. But Shuyue said that they were a team and there was no need to feel guilty. Su Shiyu invited Aunt Dasha and the others to shoot the video together, but the scene was a bit chaotic.

Su Shiyu and Lin Wei were busy working together. Lin Wei was chopping vegetables in the kitchen. Although he refused her plan to install a shower room, he began to make plans in his heart. There was too much material to reshoot, and Su Shiyu still needed some time, but Hao Tasty Coffee asked her to discuss it with Chen Xiangxiang. Chen Xiangxiang agreed, but Jin Xingchen had already set the time, it would be next Friday. Lin Wei made a bathtub by himself. Luo Feifei couldn't wait to try it when he saw it, but Lin Wei refused because the paint was not dry. Lin Wei specially put roses in the bathtub and waited for Su Shiyu to come back, but he didn't expect Luo Feifei to secretly try the bathtub, which made the atmosphere a bit ugly. Su Shiyu left angrily. After thinking about it, she decided to say what she wanted to say. She liked Lin Wei!


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