The sun wakes up, and so does the taste bud. Food blogger Su Shiyu starts the day with food. Delicious food will bring a better life, see a better self, and don’t forget to remind yourself that you deserve the best . Lin Wei, on the other hand, believes that the body and skin are nothing but vain, life is like a drama, everything is a dream, and the truth of life is just giving up constantly. Lin Wei pushed off his hair, packed his luggage, and determined to practice. But Su Shiyu dressed up carefully and went to work, but was told that Haowei Coffee was in a hurry.

When they came to Haowei Coffee, Su Shiyu was busy on the phone at the elevator door. Seeing this, Lin Wei kept pressing the door for her to open the elevator. The elevator suddenly went dark on the way up, Su Shiyu was frightened and touched Lin Wei's chest next to him, and quickly apologized after realizing that something was wrong. The elevator was stuck between the two floors, and the maintenance master was still taking the elevator. Because Su Shiyu was really anxious, he could only ask Lin Wei to hug him up. Su Shiyu hurried to see Mr. Huang, and he chose Xingcan Company, which copied their company. Su Shiyu justly condemned his partner Chen Xiangxiang, but he didn't expect that Xingcan had already cooperated with Chen Xiangxiang. After a while, Su Shiyu finally chose to leave decently.

Lin Wei's identity is the son of the chairman of Haowei Coffee. As a rich second generation, Lin Wei chose to quit the company at this time. Lin Dong wanted to persuade his son, but was stopped by Su Shiyu, Lin Dong was very impatient about this. While waiting for the bus, Su Shiyu met Lin Wei again, and thanked him for what happened in the morning. Su Shiyu received a call saying that Lin Dong's son had gone to the mountain to practice. Su Shiyu laughed, but he didn't expect that the master was by his side. The tea leaves that Lin Wei worked so hard to find also fell to the ground because of Su Shiyu's noise. By coincidence, the two got off at the same stop. Su Shiyu repeatedly apologized for what happened just now, but Lin Wei always kept people away from him thousands of miles away.

The mountain road was difficult to walk, Su Shiyu's high heels were accidentally sprained, Lin Wei turned around and brought her a pair of comfortable shoes. This is the place where Lin Wei chose to live in seclusion a long time ago. He wants to grow good tea here, otherwise he will never go back. Director Lin tried to persuade him again and again, but Lin Wei still went his own way.

Su Shiyu met the helpless Dong Lin and hurried forward to fight for the opportunity, but at this time, Dong Lin really couldn't see any plan. Suddenly it started to rain heavily, and Su Shiyu had no choice but to wrap the rainproof cloth Lin Wei prepared for the tea in his bag. Lin Wei stepped forward to stop him, but Su Shiyu accidentally pierced his foot with a nail. Lin Wei helped her again, carried her to his hut, and helped her with anti-inflammatory bandages. It's just that Su Shiyu accidentally kicked Lin Wei's chin. Director Lin was watching this scene outside the house under an umbrella. It seemed that Su Shiyu and Lin Wei were kissing, and he was overjoyed.

After Su Shiyu apologized again, he issued an application to exchange names, but Lin Wei sat down to meditate on his own, and after a long time, he impatiently refuted Su Shiyu's various questions. Lin Wei kindly took Su Shiyu to stay here for one night, but at night she lit a fire with Lin Wei's book, which annoyed Lin Wei again. Su Shiyu was annoyed by Lin Wei's attitude, and complained with tears about what happened today, but she didn't expect Lin Wei to help her get a steamed bun because she heard that she was hungry just now.

Su Shiyu slept here all night, left a note for Lin Wei and left. When going down the mountain, I ran into Lin Dong, and Lin Dong uncharacteristically wanted to send her down the mountain. Director Lin put forward a condition that as long as Su Shiyu persuades Lin Wei to go down the mountain, all the business bags for this year will be Su Shiyu's. But Su Shiyu really didn't expect that the person he ran into yesterday was actually his benefactor, so he was so scared that he ran away on the spot.

Shu Yue found out the inside story, and heard that Lin Wei and his uncle Jin Xingchen could not win power, and he went to the mountain to practice after being disheartened.


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