• Drama Title: The White Castle 白色城堡
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Episode: 40


On the eve of graduation, Wang Yangming, who took the reversal of heart failure as his own responsibility, decided to switch from scientific research to clinical practice due to disagreements with his supervisor in medical experiments, and successfully entered the emergency department of Ruiren Hospital, which ranks first in the cardiovascular system in the country.

The busy life in the emergency department aroused Wang Yangming's competitive instinct. He took risks to deal with the elderly's ventricular fibrillation, rescued migrant workers with heat stroke, and treated stroke patients.

"Four Masters of Emergency Medicine". The four have witnessed each other's growth and change, gained friendship and love, and also experienced separation and separation, but the same thing is: wherever there are the most critically ill patients, they will appear there. When Wang Yangming faced the most difficult heart disease patient in his medical career, the four heroes reunited, fought against difficulties together, and succeeded in the end.



  • Peng Guan Ying as Wang Yang Ming
  • Tu Song Yan as Lu Qing Qi
  • Cass Gai as Meng Jiao Yang
  • Gao Xin as Zu Wen Da




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