• Drama Title: The Rose's Tale 玫瑰故事
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date:  TBA
  • Episodes: 36


Tian Miao, who grew up in the rural areas of Shandong, worked in a hotel after graduating from hotel management. She worked hard, hoping to realize the dream of the previous generation to get rid of poverty. Because of a public relations crisis, Tian Miao was forced to resign. Unwilling to fail, she returned to her hometown, planted raspberries with her childhood partners Lin Xibei and Wei Feng, established urban and rural sales channels, and achieved success. Then she returned to the city and became a young hotel management elite. The hotel group decides to break away from reality, expand its scale, and enter the stock market. Tian Miao and her nobleman in the workplace, Le Lin, the manager of the hotel, have conflicts again. Tian Miao insisted on his own values and prevented the hotel's blind listing plan. At this time, the new crown pneumonia epidemic occurred, and the big hotel escaped the engulfment of capital, but faced the severe situation of depression in the cultural and tourism industry. With the effective control of the domestic epidemic situation, the cultural and tourism industry has also ushered in a turning point, and Tian Miao started his new career journey.


  • Liu Yifei as Huang Mei Gui
  • Tong Da Wei 




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