Drama Title: The First Card 头牌
Also Known As: Ace , Chaotic Rain Love , Rain Love in Troubled Times , Troubled Rain Love , Gone With Wind and Rain Feeling , The First Card of The Dispute , Farewell My Concubine , Tou Pai , Tau Paai , Luan Shi Feng Yu Qing , Lyun Sai Fung Yu Ching , 頭牌 , 乱世风雨情 , 亂世風雨情
Origin: China
Release Date:  2021
Episodes: 30


Set in between 1928 and 1937, it tells a love story of Jin Jiu Ling and a warlord's daughter Liu Ying Xue, mixed in with other life experiences that the couple goes through as they grow and adapt to the sudden changes that are happening around them.



  • Baron Chen as Jin Jiu Ling
  • Jenny Zhang as Liu Ying Xue


  • Neil Cao as Huang Shao Yuan
  • Kou Zhen Hai as Zhao Yue Qiao
  • Gao Zi Feng as Grandpa Ma
  • Lu Ling



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