• Drama Title: Promise in the Summer 初夏的甜蜜约定
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: Mar 15, 2023 - Apr 1, 2023
  • Episodes: 24


Suffering from a "strange disease" and being allergic to the opposite sex whenever he comes into contact with the opposite sex, Han Qilu, the young master of Bingshan, is only immune to the inspirational Cinderella An Chuxia who accidentally broke into his house. So at the request of Han's mother, a love affair of "rescuing Min" began, and Chu Xia gradually discovered the secret of Han Qilu's "strange disease" during the process of treating Han Qilu...

~~ Adapted from the web novel "Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me" (恶魔少爷别吻我) by Jin Xia Mo (锦夏末).



  • Ma Hao Dong as Han Qi Lu
  • Liu Nian as An Chu Xia



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