• Drama Title: Mr. Right 别让爱你的人等太久
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: Aug 11, 2015 - 2015
  • Episodes: 35


On the Qixi Festival of 2013, in Beijing, Wang Xijie, who escaped from his home due to his mother’s forced marriage, lived in a shared house. His roommate Tang Xiaoxiao, who came back later, was also depressed because of the same situation as him. The two met, and at the same time remembered a dispute from two years ago. While resolving previous misunderstandings, they confide in each other while drinking, and their old feelings rekindle. Later, the differences in personalities and living habits made them quickly turn from sympathy to rivals. When the conflict between the two continued to escalate, Tang Xiaoxiao found out that she was pregnant. The completely different attitudes towards pregnancy made the relationship between the two become subtle after going through all kinds of ups and downs. At the same time, the two families who learned of the matter one after another were also involved, which triggered a series full of ups and downs. In matters of emotion, the two who have experienced ups and downs gradually sparked the spark of love. In the end, the pregnant Tang Xiaoxiao became the "happiest woman" in the eyes of millions of netizens at the grand marriage proposal ceremony conspired by Wang Xijie



  • Tian Lei as Wang xi Jie


  • Zheng Xu Dong as Tang Hao
  • Long Xin Yue as Wan Li Li



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