Drama Title: I Can't Afford This Maid 这丫环我用不起
Origin: China
Also known as: Zhe Ya Huan Wo Yong Bu Qi , I Can't Use This Maid
Release Date:2021
Episodes: 24


It tells the story of Yue Zi Yuan, a young mistress of Shen Wei Armed Escort, who accepted an order to protect the Bai Family's daughter, Bai Yi Ruo, and ensure she marries into the Yang manor. She finds out that her fiance is Yang Xiao. In order to make Yang Xiao marry Bai Yin Ruo, Yue Zi Yuan was forced to cooperate with Yang Xiao and lead Shen Wei Armed Escort and work together with various young heroes of Jianghu to find out the truth of his parents' death, and also restore the Gui Yue Commercial Road. They undergo many adventures and also find love in the process.



  • Jade Cheng as Yue Zi Yuan 

She is a maid who is brave and optimistic. 

  • Wang Run Ze 王润泽 as Yang Xiao

The second young master of the Yang family. He is proud and domineering.


  • Lin Feng Song as Yang Zhuo
  • Ren Yin Song as Yuan Zi Jun
  • Ma Qian Qian as Xie Ling Er
  • Li Wei Long as Bai Long


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