• Drama Title: Babel 通天塔 2021
  • Origin: China
  • Episodes: 30
  • Release Date: Jun 22, 2022 - Jul 20, 2022


Lu Xiao is the captain of Haigang Police, who is wise and calm. He is considered the elite of the police force despite his young age, as he has solved multiple difficult cases. However, he was stumped by a bizarre case of a floating corpse, and the "Water Ghost" killer. In the process of investigation, the killer was able to escape multiple times with his extraordinary observational skills. Together with his new room mate Fang Yitong, the two team up to catch the killer. However, he also loses his beloved wife, Jiang Yiran in the process, and was almost at the brink of giving up. With his team mates' encouragement, Lu Xiao picks himself up and finally catches the killer - a young entrepreneur named Cheng Lijun; returning justice to the victims.



  • Qin Jun Jie as Lu Xiao
  • Liu Huan as Yu Sheng
  • Deng Jia Jia as Cu Shan


  • Maggie Huang as Jiang Yi Ran
  • Gallen Lo 
  • Tim Li



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