The person wearing the pig's head mask confirmed to Xu Wei that the key to Baoyun Jewelry had been cracked, and he immediately called and assigned the task to his subordinates, and they all put on the pig's head mask and set off.

Luo Jian asked Jiang Hao to inform Baoyun Jewelry and Longfor Department Store to take precautions, but he was still worried. Zhuang Wenjie suddenly called Luo Jian, and he also deduced that these two companies were most likely the next targets of the thieves. Longfor Department Store has a turnover of more than one million a day. Today is the weekend. The financial safe has stored turnover for three days. However, the staff will sort out the accounts until the early morning. The suspect's time is too short.

Baoyun Jewelry is the office building of the company, and all imitation samples are placed. Zhuang Wenjie infers that Baoyun Jewelry has recently stored valuables. Luo Jian suddenly found out that Baoyun Jewelry had just upgraded the security system. It was expected that valuables were stored in the office building. Jiang Hao called the person in charge of Baoyun Jewelry and learned that they had just bought a batch of South African rough diamonds worth 10 million yuan. , was stored in the safe in the financial room, Jiang Hao had informed the nearby police in advance to go to the defense.

Luo Jian mobilized all the police officers to go to Baoyun Jewelry, and also called Liao Shuang. After Zhuang Wenjie made sure that Sun Zhijian was asleep, he quietly left the hospital in disguise and carrying equipment on his back. Four people wearing pig head masks came to Baoyun Jewelry Office Building. They quickly found the financial room. One of them felt that the surveillance probe on the roof was awkward, so he stepped on a chair and turned the probe over. The police and security guards of the police station arrived later. They were so frightened that they hurriedly hid. The police did not find anything unusual and left the financial room with confidence.

Lao Ma quickly locked the location where Xu Wei attacked the key system. It was a unit in a residential area. Lao Ma led Pangpazhi and others to squat at the door of the house, and then called to report to Luo Jian. Luo Jian told Pangdazhi this time. Be sure to capture the mastermind behind the scenes. Luo Jian brought people to Baoyun Jewelry, and Manager Huang of Baoyun Jewelry also arrived in a hurry. Luo Jian sent four groups of people to guard the four exits of the building, and then rushed to the financial room with Manager Huang.

The four people wearing pig-head masks had a clear division of labor. They quickly opened the safe in the financial room and took the cash and rough diamonds inside. They returned from the vent. Manager Huang brought Luo Jian to the financial room and first found that the camera had been moved. Manager Huang couldn't wait to rush in to see the safe. Luo Jian was worried about the danger, so he took Jiang Haoxin to investigate the situation and found that the rough diamonds and cash in the safe had been stolen. Steal, Manager Huang was so frightened that he collapsed to the ground on the spot.

Luo Jian led people to investigate carefully in the building, and found that the thieves had come in through the ventilation opening above the ceiling. Luo Jian immediately notified each group to closely investigate the places where people could hide. Zhuang Wenjie took a taxi to Zhulang Swimming Pool, found the locker No. 9527 according to Ding Shenghuo's request, and took out a password box from it.

Just as Zhuang Wenjie was about to leave, a woman who covered her tightly suddenly stopped him. Zhuang Wenjie guessed that she was sent by Ding Shenghuo and asked her about the truth behind the photo. The woman warned Zhuang Wenjie not to continue the investigation. The more she knew, the better. Dangerous, she forced Zhuang Wenjie to hand over the password box, Zhuang Wenjie resolutely refused to do it, two people competed for each other, Zhuang Wenjie gradually became exhausted and was pushed into the swimming pool, the woman carried the password box and walked away, Zhuang Wenjie took a taxi to the hospital overnight.

Luo Jian brought people to the underground garage, and saw three people wearing pig-head masks coming out of the vent from a distance, he chased and blocked them. The three of them were quickly captured alive, and the last one was blocked in the vent. Luo Jian Just waiting for him at the exit, he had no choice but to obediently be captured.

Ding Shenghuo has a strong sense of precaution. He concealed his little finger and typed Morse code to send a message to Zhuang Wenjie. Lao Ma checked his gestures repeatedly and only guessed a few words. Lao Ma sent these to Luo Jian's mobile phone. Luo Jian linked these information together, suspecting that Ding Shenghuo assigned a task to Zhuang Wenjie, and took Jiang Hao and Liao Shuang to the hospital to find Zhuang Wenjie overnight. Zhuang Wenjie took a taxi back to the hospital and saw Luo Jian, Jiang Hao and Liao Shuang going to the elevator from a distance.


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