Zhuang Wenjie hurried back to the ward and saw Liao Shuang sitting there peeling apples. He lied that he had a stomachache, so Liao Shuang had to hide first. Zhuang Wenjie hurriedly went to the bathroom to check that the equipment on the ceiling had not moved, and was a little relieved.

Luo Jian held a case analysis meeting, and Section Chief Ma demonstrated on the spot the consequences of the Qing'an system key being compromised. All the equipment designed by the Qing'an Group would fail, and the consequences would be unimaginable. Ye Jiacha found that Qing'an Group cooperates with two major sectors of finance and foreign trade, which cover many enterprises and companies. Qing'an Company is stepping up the upgrade of the key system, but it takes 12 hours, and there are only seven hours left. , Luo Jian was worried that the thieves would commit crimes during this time, so he sent Jiang Hao to get the list of all Qing An customers.

Liao Shuang kept guarding Zhuang Wenjie, Ding Shenghuo reminded Zhuang Wenjie that he must arrive at the designated place at twelve o'clock tonight, and he was in a hurry. Sun Zhijian wanted to call Lin Zhiyue, but Zhuang Wenjie did not want her to be in danger, so he tried his best to stop Sun Zhijian. Luo Jian received a call from Liao Shuang and learned that Zhuang Wenjie was emotionally unstable. He rushed to the hospital as soon as possible and returned the mobile phone and necklace to Zhuang Wenjie. Luo Jian took the opportunity to persuade Zhuang Wenjie to join the police force and give full play to his talents.

Liao Shuang found out that Sun Zhijian was a computer expert, and tried every means to force him to reveal the contents of Zhuang Wenjie's big suitcase. Sun Zhijian didn't know what was inside, only that the suitcase had been kept in the activity room. Liao Shuang persuaded Sun Zhijian well. Sun Zhijian explained that Zhuang Wenjie’s roommate’s computer was stolen by him. He wanted to replace the hardware of the new computer with his own machine. As a result, Zhuang Wenjie found out that Zhuang Wenjie returned the computer.

Liao Shuang and Luo Jian reported what Sun Zhijian had explained in 1510. She felt that Zhuang Wenjie had a good character and would not join forces with Ding Shenghuo. Luo Jian asked her to stay at Zhuang Wenjie Academy, and Liao Shuang complained. Zhuang Wenjie asked Sun Zhijian about the conversation between him and Liao Shuang. Sun Zhijian answered truthfully, and Zhuang Wenjie immediately became alert.

Luo Jian sent someone to simulate a portrait for the engineer, and then used the portrait to find out the information of several people who looked alike, and used it for Shi Lei to identify. Shi Lei recognized at a glance that Xu Wei was the engineer who cooperated with him to open Jia Jinyan's safe. Ye Jia quickly found out Xu Wei's identity. Xu Wei was a well-known programmer. A few days ago, Xu Wei asked his wife to leave for a business trip. His whereabouts are still unknown. Luo Jian suspects that he was coerced by thieves.

As expected by Luo Jian, the man with the pig's head mask controlled Xu Wei, put a timed explosive device on him, and forced him to crack the key to the Qing'an system. Dapanzhi took the field staff to visit the 28 companies of the Qing'an Group one by one, but could not find the next target of the thieves. Seeing that there were only more than two hours left, Luo Jian took the police officers one by one, and then one by one exclude.

Zhuang Wenjie also made a careful analysis of the security systems of 28 companies and stores, he ruled them out one by one, and finally locked Longfor Department Store. Luo Jian and the police officers worked together to investigate. In the end, only Baoyun Jewelry and Longfor Department Store were left. Lao Ma received news from Qing'an Company that they had locked their targets near the reservoir. Luo Jian sent Dangdazhi to lead people to investigate. After the unremitting efforts of the technicians, the key of the Qing'an system was finally upgraded. Luo Jian did not dare to take it lightly, fearing that thieves would attack these two companies.

Xu Wei did not crack the Qing'an key system within the specified time, but he implanted a Trojan horse in the security system of Longfor Department Store. The person wearing the pig's head mask was very satisfied with him, and Xu Wei broke out in a cold sweat.


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