The old horse of the technology department released the surveillance video outside Jia Jinyan's house. The thief drove a van without a license plate. Luo Jian saw at a glance that the co-pilot was holding a Bluetooth detector in his hand, and the antenna was sticking out of the window. This kind of Bluetooth The detector can remotely sniff all the unlocked data, and then through the replay attack, the password of Jia Jinyan's safe can be easily cracked.

Because Jia Jinyan's novels sell well and her unique way of writing on an old-fashioned typewriter, the publisher insures Jia Jinyan's novels for 10 million yuan. Ye Jia analyzed that pirates, competing platforms and fans are suspected of committing crimes, because they are all potential gainers. Ye Jia also suspects that Jia Jinyan is stealing for the sake of high insurance compensation. Jiang Hao thinks it is impossible. A big bastard heard that Shi Lei, the habitual thief, did not show up for four days.

Luo Jian took Jiang Hao to find Shi Lei's house. Shi Lei was not at home. The landlord opened the door. Luo Jian and Jiang Hao went in and checked carefully. She was sure he had a problem, so she hid. Liao Shuang called to report to Luo Jian that Jia Jinyan announced on TV that the manuscript of "Love of Frost Flowers" had been stolen. She begged the thieves to return the manuscript and promised to meet all their demands.

Luo Jian read Jia Jinyan's news and suddenly realized that the direction of the investigation was wrong. The target of the thief was not the manuscript at all. He wanted to use Jia Jinyan's influence in the society to make things bigger, which would disturb the police. sight, and you can protect yourself. Zhuang Wenjie watched the TV news, his thoughts coincided with Luo Jian, they both believed that the thief also took more important things.

Luo Jian repeatedly watched the surveillance video of the meeting between Ding Shenghuo and Zhuang Wenjie several times, and felt that something was wrong with them, so he asked Ye Jia to extract all the numbers of the score of Ding Shenghuo's singing, and asked Jiang Hao to disassemble the pinyin of the song. Rearrange combinations. Luo Jian repeatedly pondered the meaning of the lyrics "I predict that the east wind will fall on the Jiazi day, Nanping Mountain, set up an altar, and step on Kuigang", and suddenly found that Ding Shenghuo said in the lyrics that he stole the "Water Lily" painting. At the exact time, he was overjoyed and wanted to find out Ding Shenghuo's next plan.

Luo Jian pondered the lyrics word by word and found nothing unusual. Luo Jian re-checked the video of Ding Shenghuo and Zhuang Wenjie meeting, and found that Ding Shenghuo tapped the Morse code with his little finger to convey a signal to Zhuang Wenjie. Replace Liao Shuang and let Zhuang Wenjie relax his vigilance. Zhuang Wenjie couldn't sleep at night. He couldn't help thinking that when he was a child, he made a mistake and refused to admit it. He also used Morse code to communicate with his father, Zhuang Yaobai, and successfully deceived his mother.

The police officers under strict control finally caught Shi Lei, and Luo Jian immediately interrogated him. Jiang Hao called to call Liao Shuang away, Zhuang Wenjie took the opportunity to sneak out of the hospital, and Pang Dazhi hurriedly reported to Luo Jian. Shi Lei explained that a man wearing a pig head mask found him, forced him to open Jia Jinyan's safe, tied a time bomb to his neck, and asked a technical engineer to cooperate with him. Shi Lei explained that they not only stole Jia Jinyan Yan's manuscript also took a machine with a screen and buttons from the safe, and copied everything inside. Shi Lei explained that the manuscript should be placed in the locker No. 9527 in the men's locker room of the Zhulang Swimming Pool.

Zhuang Wenjie had already discovered that Pangdazhi was following him, deliberately detoured to a convenience store two kilometers away to buy a bunch of snacks, and then went back to the hospital. Luo Jian called Pangdazhi, and Pangdazhi reported Zhuang Wenjie's whereabouts at 1510. Luo Jian guessed that Zhuang Wenjie found that Pang Dazhi was following him, and taught him a lesson.

Luo Jian took Liao Shuang to Zhulang Swimming Pool, and got Jia Jinyan's novel manuscript in the men's locker room. Ding Shenghuo used Morse code to ask Zhuang Wenjie to go to the men's locker room of the swimming pool to get something. Zhuang Wenjie found that Pangpazhi was following him and had to return to the hospital. He went to the nurse station and called Sun Zhijian. Pangpazhi immediately reported to Luo Jian, who immediately sent someone to find out who Zhuang Wenjie was calling.

Liao Shuang came to the hospital early in the morning to deliver meals, and saw that Sun Zhijian was also there. He received a call from Zhuang Wenjie last night and brought him a large suitcase overnight. Liao Shuang asked Pangpanzhi to go back to rest first, and she went into the room to deliver breakfast to Zhuang Wenjie. Sun Zhijian believed that Zhuang Wenjie was an informant of the police, and was curious to find out what was in the big suitcase. Zhuang Wenjie talked about him, Sun Zhijian felt that it was a tool needed to carry out the task, and did not ask any more.

Luo Jian and Jiang Hao returned the manuscript to Jia Jinyan and asked that the phone-like machine in the safe belonged to her husband, Sun Tongfang, who took the machine to work this morning. Jiang Hao found that Sun Tongfang worked for Qing'an Company, which mainly deals in security equipment, and Sun Tongfang is responsible for technical research and development. Sun Zhijian fell asleep on the hospital bed in a daze. Zhuang Wenjie secretly took out his mobile phone and successfully unlocked it with his fingerprint. Zhuang Wenjie hid in the bathroom and wanted to call Luo Jian, and suddenly remembered Ding Shenghuo's sinister and cunning face, He seemed to hear Ding Shenghuo urging him to complete the task as soon as possible, so Zhuang Wenjie had to check the address of the swimming pool with his mobile phone.

Luo Jian came to Sun Tongfang and learned that the machine with the screen and buttons is a key distribution system. Every time the system updates the key, the machine needs to be distributed to the client company. At work, for the sake of safety, Sun Tongfang carries this machine with him every day and locks it in the safe when he gets home. Sun Tongfang was dumbfounded when he learned that the thieves had copied all the data in this machine.

The doctor informed Zhuang Wenjie that he could be discharged from the hospital after another pulmonary function test. Sun Zhijian accompanied Zhuang Wenjie to the examination. Liao Shuang sneaked into the ward and tried to open Zhuang Wenjie's suitcase, but she couldn't guess the password after several attempts. Sun Zhijian arranged for Zhuang Wenjie, Zhuang Wenjie suddenly remembered that Liao Shuang was still there, worried that she would see something in the suitcase, Zhuang Wenjie trotted all the way back to the ward with the infusion bottle.


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