Ding Shenghuo claimed that the three generations of the banker survived by stealing, and these genes remain in Zhuang Wenjie’s blood. He concluded that Zhuang Wenjie could not help stealing once sooner or later. Luo Jian firmly believed that Zhuang Wenjie was not such a person. He is a hero now and will have a happy one in the future. Family and decent work. Ding Shenghuo refused to sign the confession. He was unwilling and insisted on telling Zhuang Wenjie his email address alone. Luo Jian categorically refused. Ding Shenghuo threatened that it would be too late after tonight. Luo Jian did not understand his intention. Witness with your own eyes whether Zhuang Wenjie is the person Luo Jian said.

Luo Jian reported the matter to the director at the first time. The director wanted to see what conspiracy Ding Shenghuo had and agreed to meet him with Zhuang Wenjie. Luo Jian called to inform Zhuang Wenjie. Zhuang Wenjie considered repeatedly agreeing to meet Ding Shenghuo. . Zhuang Wenjie came to see Ding Shenghuo overnight, and couldn't wait to know who he passed the document to. Ding Shenghuo had never met that person, they just contacted via internet phone, Zhuang Wenjie gritted his teeth in anger.

Ding Shenghuo only revealed that there was an auction held by Sotheby's in the UK three months ago, and he kept his mouth shut. Zhuang Wenjie was provoked. He yelled at Ding Shenghuo. Luo Jian drove Zhuang Wenjie back to the hospital and sent someone to investigate the authenticity of the information provided by Ding Shenghuo.

The more Zhuang Wenjie thought about it, the more angry he became. He couldn't help thinking of the scene in the interrogation room just now. Ding Shenghuo used Morse code to reveal that Zhuang Yaobai was still alive. The photo of him and his mother was provided by Zhuang Yaobai. If Zhuang Wenjie wanted to know the story behind the photo, he would Do one thing as he asks. Luo Jian soon returned to the criminal police team. Liao Shuang had already checked the situation of the auction three months ago. Among them, only one item was related to China, that is, the "Tears of the Moon God" pendant worth 6 million. A mysterious Chinese buyer bought it.

Luo Jian asked Liao Shuang to find a way to find out the buyer's situation, but this required the cooperation of Interpol, and the clues Luo Jian finally asked were interrupted again. The criminal police team received a report that the safe in the home of writer Jia Jinyan was stolen. Luo Jian hurried to the scene. Ye Jia checked the safe carefully and found that no cash or valuables were lost. The thieves only took Jia Jinyan away. In the original manuscript of the novel "Love of Frost Flowers", Jia Jinyan usually writes without a computer and does not keep backups. She uses a typewriter left over from the Republic of China, and Jia Jinyan does not allow anyone to touch the typewriter. Ye Jia also learned that Jia Jinyan's husband, Sun Tongfang, was the head of a technology company.

Liao Shuang came to deliver meals to Zhuang Wenjie and was ordered to stay and take care of him. Zhuang Wenjie felt inconvenient. When he learned that this was Luo Jian’s arrangement, he had to give up. Liao Shuang stayed by Zhuang Wenjie’s side. Luo Jian felt that Ding Shenghuo and Zhuang Wenjie behaved abnormally last night, so he sent Liao Shuang to keep an eye on Zhuang Wenjie's every move. Zhuang Wenjie asked Liao Shuang to help him buy wontons from the old Jinbao Street brand on the pretext that he was not used to the hospital food, but that store did not deliver takeaways, and Liao Shuang did not dare to leave him for half a step. He wanted to order wontons for him in the hospital cafeteria.

The head of the technical department took Ye Jia and others to conduct a careful investigation and comparison of Jia Jinyan's house, and found the footprints of an adult man. The suspect's figure was photographed in the underground garage and community surveillance, and it was found that there was more than one suspect. The door lock of Jia Jinyan's house is a state-of-the-art smart combination lock, which can change the password at any time. Ye Jia analyzed that the door password was opened after being remotely attacked. Zhuang Wenjie couldn't sleep at night. He remembered that Ding Shenghuo gave him a task with Morse code that night, which must be completed within 48 hours. Liao Shuang has been guarding the door of the ward. Zhuang Wenjie tried everything to get Liao Shuang away to no avail.


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