Luo Jian asked Liao Shuang to contact the public security and defense near the shopping mall, and asked them to go to the underground garage to find the car. Luo Jian found a large truck driving out of the underground garage. He deduced that Ding Wei's car was hidden inside, and he immediately sent someone to chase him. That big truck.

Sure enough, as Luo Jian expected, Ding Wei drove the car into the large truck, and then left the underground garage without knowing it. The large truck drove to a repair shop. Ding Shenghuo had been waiting for a long time, and he explained his plan straight to the point. He wanted to take someone to steal the vault of Deyao Group, but the vault was heavily guarded, and only the same person, Liao De, the president, could open it. Ding Shenghuo found out in advance that Liao Detong was obsessed with collecting ancient paintings and cultural relics, and wanted to send Zhuang Wenjie to sell the "water lily" to Liao Detong. Zhuang Wenjie was worried that Liao Detong would not dare to accept it. He did not expect that Ding Shenghuo had already sent a photo of Zhuang Wenjie to Liao Detong and explained that he was Zhuang Yaobai's son. Liao Detong agreed with Zhuang Wenjie.

Ding Shenghuo sent Ding Wei to Zhuang Wenjie’s house to get the painting. Ding Wei knew that Zhuang Wenjie put the real painting and the fake painting together. Ding Wei drove Zhuang Wenjie home. Zhuang Wenjie saw a corner of the tablecloth on the table and guessed that Luo Jian had come. He stepped on the stool to the ceiling and took out the box. Ding Wei took out the scissors and secretly hid behind him. Zhuang Wenjie took out the painting to confirm it. Ding Wei found that there was only one painting, and took out scissors to threaten Zhuang Wenjie. Zhuang Wenjie was not afraid and brought out Ding Shenghuo to talk about the matter. Signal to put on the earphones on the case.

Zhuang Wenjie took the painting out and put it in his bag, and took the opportunity to take the headphones hidden in the corner of the box. Ding Wei didn't notice anything abnormal, so he drove Zhuang Wenjie away. Luo Jian analyzed that Ding Shenghuo had other plans for the painting and decided to use the painting as bait. He applied to the director for the next action plan, and the director agreed with his decision. Luo Jian put the painting back on the ceiling beforehand, and Zhuang Wenjie understood it. Following Luo Jian's suggestion, he successfully got in touch with him.

Luo Jian explained the action plan to Zhuang Wenjie through the earphone and told him to pay attention to safety. Ding Wei drove Zhuang Wenjie back to the warehouse of the car dealership. Luo Jian suddenly could not hear Zhuang Wenjie's voice. Su Ying deduced that there was a signal shielding system in the warehouse, so Luo Jian had to send People stand outside the warehouse. Ding Shenghuo carefully identified that the painting was real. Zhuang Wenjie couldn't wait to know how he got into Liao Detong's vault. Ding Shenghuo took out the latest German-developed signal jammer, the Beetle, and put the Beetle on the axis of the painting. Beetle, the security system facilities within 30 meters will automatically fail. Ding Shenghuo concluded that Liao Detong put the painting in the vault. He was worried that there would be many dreams at night.

Ding Wei drove Zhuang Wenjie away from the car shop, Luo Jian got in touch with Zhuang Wenjie again, Zhuang Wenjie asked Ding Wei about the relationship between Liao Detong and Ding Shenghuo, and deliberately revealed that the Beetle was hidden on the scroll. Luo Jian sent someone to find out Liao Detong’s identity, but he couldn’t He acted rashly, wanting to make fire on Ding and the others. Zhuang Wenjie couldn't help complaining, Ding Wei thought he didn't want the painting and promised to steal it to him.

Zhuang Wenjie and Ding Wei came to Deyao Group together, and the security guard searched them carefully. Luo Jian was worried that the earphones would be found, but Ding Wei became angry and had a physical conflict with the security guard. The security guard continued to search and found nothing abnormal, so he let Zhuang Wenjie in alone. Zhuang Wenjie asked Ding Shenghuo in advance, and he asked for three million yuan. Liao Detong felt that the price was too high, so he bargained with Zhuang Wenjie and threatened him.


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