Luo Jian and Zhuang Wenjie carefully studied the secret between Luna and Luoshen, and found that the two treasures were lost during the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. The conversation between Xu Zhengqing and Dai Mengde also confirmed that those cultural relics were all preserved during the Shang Dynasty. In order to protect the cultural relics, the family avoided the thieves and bandits along the way, and often changed the route of travel, and specially disguised themselves as escorts. The Japanese heard the news and deliberately ambushed at the intersection along the way. Worried that the cultural relics would fall into the hands of the Japanese, the scholars who escorted the cultural relics would collect the relics and divide these people into two groups. Among them was Zhuang Yaobai's master.

       Archaeologists hid most of the cultural relics in one place, and the information of this place is marked in the two cultural relics, Luoshen and Luna. The picture of Luoshen was personally escorted by the Zhuang family, so the Zhuang family has always known The secret on the map. After so long, the men and horses escorting the Moon God had long since disappeared, and Luoshen alone could not obtain all the information, so "Sir" deliberately put together two lots in an attempt to find out where those cultural relics were buried.

       Zhuang Wenjie thought that the numbers on the two cultural relics might be the latitude and longitude, but after careful comparison, he was still uncertain, and the time was very tight. Zhuang Wenjie tried hard to recall the words and sentences when his father taught him to play chess, and finally he calculated the specific numbers. Jian combined a few numbers a little, and finally locked the place where the cultural relics were buried in Devil City.

       Dai Mengde felt that Xu Zhengqing had worked hard to find a position, so he might as well ask Zhuang Wenjie directly. Xu Zhengqing admitted that he was deceived by Zhuang Yaobai more than ten years ago. of trust.

       Xu Zhengqing retrieved his things from Devil City smoothly. He felt that the victory was in his hands, and he was about to fight with Dai Mengde to go home. Not far away, the car drove slowly. They got into the car and realized that it was too late. Luo Jian took out the shiny He was asked to put on handcuffs, the police completely surrounded Dai Mengde, and Xu Zhengqing had become a turtle in a urn.

       The case was successfully solved, and the leaders of the Public Security Bureau were very happy and personally commended Luo Jian's team. Ding Shenghuo was interrogated again. When asked how Zhuang Yaobai's wife Meng Xiaoyu died, Ding Shenghuo's weakness was touched, and he confessed to Ding Shenghuo. He has been hiding in the dark to make a fire. At that time, he used Zhuang Wenjie's life to force Zhuang Yaobai to steal Luoshen, but Zhuang Yaobai was eager to protect his son and had no choice but to take risks.

       The truth is revealed step by step. More than ten years ago, Xu Zhengqing tried to attack the young Zhuang Wenjie and followed him many times. One day, behind Xu Zhengqing, Luo Jian's master Fang police closely followed him. The next trap caused the police officer Fang to fall to the ground and die. Not only that, but the police also found the truth of Meng Xiaoyu's death at the Zhuang family's old house. Ding Shenghuo covered Meng Xiaoyu's mouth and nose with a handkerchief, and the handkerchief was highly poisonous. This handkerchief was given by Xu Zhengqing. The police have extracted Xu Zhengqing's DNA on the handkerchief. The evidence is solid, Xu Zhengqing is speechless.

       Zhuang Yaobai's death was not an accident. Luo Jian personally re-examined the files of the year. There were traces of brake oil along the road at the accident scene, which proved that the vehicle had been damaged. When there is another person, it has been speculated that the handover has been completed when Luoshen was stolen by Zhuang Yaobai, and Xu Zhengqing killed Zhuang Yaobai after getting Luoshen.

       The treasure-stealing case was finally solved, and everything returned to calm. Zhuang Wenjie had recovered from the treatment and was about to be discharged from the hospital. Luo Jian came to the hospital to visit Zhuang Wenjie, and also asked about the progress of Zhuang Wenjie and his girlfriend.

       In the hospital, Luo Jian told Zhuang Wenjie how Xu Zhengqing hurt his father. After Xu Zhengqing got the Luoshen painting, he quietly cut off the brake hose and deliberately let Zhuang Yaobai drive the faulty car to the riverside. Zhuang Wenjie didn't understand why his father didn't tell Xu Zhengqing the secret of Luoshen earlier. Luo Jian told his master how he received the note. At that time, Zhuang Yaobai couldn't bear the theft of national cultural relics, but he wanted to protect his family. When the child was hurt, he did this deliberately.

       Luo Jian comforted Zhuang Wenjie to stop thinking about his father's affairs. The man has passed away, and the important thing is to live the present moment. Zhuang Yaobai has worked hard many times to stand upright in the sun, and now he has finally fulfilled his wish, and he has no regrets. After Luo Jian left, Zhuang Wenjie stood in the sun. He looked up at the sky, and the birds flew happily over his head. The long-lost tranquility and freedom made Zhuang Wenjie feel the beauty of life.

        Holding the white chrysanthemum in his arms, Luo Jian specially went to visit the master. The policeman Fang in the photo looked relieved. Luo Jian put the flower next to the photo. He regretted that he was still late. Life must continue, and there are more in the future. The case needs to be solved. Luo Jianjing stood in front of the master's tomb and was more determined to go. He turned around and saw Su Ying also coming.

        When Zhuang Wenjie returned to school, Lin Zhiyue was waiting for him at the school gate with a bright smile. After so many twists and turns, the two got to know each other better. Zhuang Wenjie stepped forward and put the pendant left by his father on Lin Zhiyue's chest. At this time, Zhuang Wenjie A short message came from his mobile phone that said - congratulations, because of persistence, you did it! Zhuang Wenjie turned his head suddenly. He quickly looked around, eager to find the familiar shadow...


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