Xu Zhengqing got into another car and finally left with confidence after seeing Zhuang Wenjie's car fall into the river. Luo Jian tried to unlock Zhuang Wenjie’s power-on password. After logging into Zhuang Wenjie’s WeChat, he found the last message Zhuang Wenjie wrote to him on WeChat, which confirmed that Zhuang Wenjie could be trusted. Luo Jian dialed Zhuang Wenjie’s watch again, the call was connected, Luo Jian Tell him that the police are now on Linjiang Road, and ask Zhuang Wenjie's location. Zhuang Wenjie's mouth was covered with tape and he couldn't speak. He tried his best to tap his watch to send a message to Luo Jian. Luo Jian cracked the message that Zhuang Wenjie gave him. The "trapped water" is now very close to the river. Luo Jian immediately called Liao Shuang and Dazhi to find the nearby waters. Zhuang Wenjie stomped the car with his feet at the last moment of sobriety, and finally the gas cap was hit and floated up.

       Luo Jian and his subordinates quickly checked the water area. At this time, Luo Jian saw a plastic cover suddenly floating on the water surface, and immediately told his colleagues that he had found it. He jumped into the water before taking off his clothes. Fortunately, he opened the back cover of the car in time. , pulled up the dying Zhuang Wenjie. After some rescue, Zhuang Wenjie gradually woke up. He asked to see Luo Jian immediately. Zhuang Wenjie told Luo Jian of his prediction that there was something wrong with Dai Mengde, who entered Baozhai. Xu Zhengqing's identity verification and ceramic locator when he entered the auction was provided by Dai Mengde, and the money for the auction was also provided by Dai Mengde. given to them.

       Luo Jian immediately sent his men to arrest Dai Mengde, but Dai Mengde's company was already empty. After telling the news to Zhuang Wenjie, he was also surprised. Dai Mengde had obviously planned to evacuate the company in such a short time. Zheng Qing and Dai Mengde had already planned to deceive Zhuang Wenjie in. Luo Jian showed Zhuang Wenjie all the police videos at the "Undercurrent" auction. Zhuang Wenjie thought he was smart and put the ceramic locator in the pocket of "Mr." accomplices. In fact, they seemed to be waiting for the elevator. He came out. During the whole process of Zhuang Wenjie stealing Luoshen, Xu Zhengqing kept close contact with a group of people from the two countries at the same time, and the time was very tight. Zhuang Wenjie was completely kept in the dark, he was deceived! Luo Jian continued to provide more clues, and Zhuang Wenjie immediately thought that Xu Zhengqing should be an accomplice with "Mr.".

       Luo Jian once got a surveillance video from the restaurant where his master went. After the police repaired, the complete video was finally restored. In addition to Ding Shenghuo and Zhuang Wenjie's father, there was another person who had his back to the camera. Luo Jian Showing the surveillance video to Zhuang Wenjie, although the video did not capture the man, Zhuang Wenjie recognized Xu Zhengqing from the man's movement of picking off his watch, and now it is finally clear that Xu Zhengqing had been involved in stealing Luoshen twelve years ago. During the surveillance, Zhuang Yaobai and Xu Zhengqing had a fierce quarrel and conflict at the time. Now Luo Jian suspects that it was not Ding Shenghuo who forced Zhuang Yaobai to steal the water lilies, but Xu Zhengqing!

       Zhuang Wenjie gritted his teeth with hatred for Xu Zhengqing, and through the past bit by bit connections, he quickly understood that Xu Zhengqing was the "sir" they were looking for.

       Zhuang Wenjie told Luo Jian the mysteries on the Luoshen map, that "Sir" made such a big game carefully, just to get the secrets on the Luoshen map. At this time, in a remote mountain village, Xu Zhengqing was also telling Dai Mengde about his master calling Zhuang Yaobai one night more than ten years ago. At that time, Xu Zhengqing overheard the master saying that the Luoshen map recorded the cultural relics from the south. Information, I was very annoyed at the master's partiality, and then forced Zhuang Yaobai to steal Luoshen, in order to get the secret behind it, but after Zhuang Yaobai got Luoshen, he did tricks again, making him think hard for a whole twelve years, he guarded Luoshen. Tu Bai is puzzled, and now he deliberately sells Luoshen, and then induces Zhuang Wenjie to steal Luoshen, and then helps him crack the secret on the picture.

       Zhuang Wenjie told Luo Jian about the four extra pieces on the Luoshen map. Now Xu Zhengqing also knows the secret, but he doesn't know if he already knows the whole truth. Xu Zhengqing and Dai Mengde also talked about Ding Shenghuo in the chat. Ding Shenghuo never confessed "sir" because he thought he had killed a person. Xu Zhengqing laughed at Ding Shenghuo's stupidity and said that he was fortunate to have Ding Shenghuo's reminder at that time. , only to know that Zhuang Yaobai has passed the secret to Zhuang Wenjie.


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