Luo Jian deciphered the information sent to him by the elevator buttons, and guessed that Zhuang Wenjie must have seen him on the surveillance camera. The person who sent him a private MMS a few days ago was probably Zhuang Wenjie!

       Zhuang Wenjie asked his classmate Fatty to help him decipher the string of codes he had just recorded in his mobile phone. Soon Fatty replied to Zhuang Wenjie that someone had implanted two programs in the elevator. One was to block the surveillance video, and the other was to control the number of floors up and down the elevator in the background. Location. Zhuang Wenjie guessed that someone had changed the procedures for the upper and lower floors of the elevator, and the vault must be on the thirteenth floor. In order to fool the buyers, the undercurrent took the buyer to the second basement by elevator, and then drove around in the car for dozens of minutes. When they got to the hotel, this time they changed the parking location and moved to the negative floor of the hotel. Because of the time difference, the auctioneer got out of the car and thought that they had collected the goods from a long distance. After getting the goods, they rode around in the undercurrent car again. Turning to the hotel's negative second-floor parking lot, all clues point to a vault hidden in the hotel.

       Zhuang Wenjie and Xu Zhengqing re-looked at the hotel's security facilities and found that there was no 12th floor on the map. Xu Zhengqing thought that the air-conditioning and fresh air system was recently being constructed on the 12th floor. Suddenly there was a sound from the elevator, and they saw someone entering the elevator on the 12th floor.

       Xu Zhengqing tied his mobile phone to the mop and quietly reached into the upstairs window, trying to find a way to photograph the suspect's activities on the 12th floor. The person who saw the "undercurrent" on their mobile phone replaced all the furnishings on the 12th floor. Now, not only has the carpet at the elevator door been changed, but the floor number has also been changed. Someone opened the elevator door and quickly pulled out the person hiding in the elevator car. The speed was very fast and the actions were meticulous, and it was difficult for ordinary people to notice the abnormality. Zhuang Wenjie was certain that the treasury was on the twelfth floor, so he contacted Luo Jian as quickly as possible and asked him to contact the police to surround the Qingtan Holiday Hotel to prevent the smuggled cultural relics from being taken away by the auctioneer.

        When Luo Jian got the news, he immediately called and reported to the Zhao Bureau. Hearing that Zhuang Wenjie wanted to stop "Sir" from buying Luoshen, Luo Jian told Zhuang Wenjie not to act rashly. The police came soon, but Zhuang Wenjie did not answer, his eyes were already Tell Rojian information. Luo Jian was worried about Zhuang Wenjie's safety, and when he heard that the Zhao Bureau had dispatched the police, he immediately found Zhuang Wenjie to stop him from acting without authorization.

       Zhuang Wenjie told Luo Jian all the clues he had. This "auction" was an illegal auction of cultural relics. Participants came from all over the world, and "Mr." also came here. He was trying to steal Luoshen. The computer room monitoring and elevators have been manipulated, and there are specialized technicians who have done tricks in the background. They came to the vault ahead of time and changed the "twelfth floor" to "thirteenth floor". Unknowingly, the counterfeit was put in, and the auctioneer thought it was the real thing when he got the counterfeit.

       Hearing "Sir"'s entire theft plan by Zhuang Wenjie, Luo Jian secretly lamented "Sir"'s ability to control time. Luoshen had been bought by someone, and the police had not arrived at this time. Zhuang Wenjie urged Luo Jian to act as soon as possible, otherwise it would be too late when the other party stole Luoshen. Luo Jian thought that his master was a step too late 12 years ago and knew that he was still worried and that the tragic situation 12 years ago could not be repeated. Luo Jian decided to join hands with Zhuang Wenjie.

       It was too slow to climb from the air vent to the roof. Luo Jian thought that someone was climbing the rope during the day, so he decided to use the rope to climb to the roof on the top floor. Zhuang Wenjie was forced to be on the balcony outside the building in order to avoid the undercurrent. Under the abyss, the only way to go to the rooftop is to go to the rooftop. The two slender ropes in front of them become life-saving straws.

       Luo Jian finally climbed to the top of the building. He heard the following people using walkie-talkies to communicate. Luo Jian was about to attack the other party. Suddenly there was the sound of fireworks and firecrackers above his head. stared at him.


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