On the day of the auction of Luoshen, Zhuang Wenjie and Xu Zhengqing were taken to the hotel by the "undercurrent" auction staff. They wore masks along the way, took a long ride in the car, and then arrived at a room. The "undercurrent" person handed over the list of bids to be auctioned. For Zhuang Wenjie, he was shocked to hear that the other party's collection was sent for auction, and the owner of the lot was called "Jiang Taigong". The person who will be his father himself, maybe his father is not dead at all.

       Luo Jian came to the Qingtan Holiday Hotel, and when he called Zhuang Wenjie, he couldn't get through. The leaders of the unit always called him to urge him to go back to the award ceremony in the afternoon. Luo Jian knew the importance of this investigation. Pushed away the awards event and concentrated on investigating today's auction.

       Zhuang Wenjie and Xu Zhengqing's mobile phones were confiscated by "undercurrent" people, and they put on masks as required. The classmate Fatty kept calling Zhuang Wenjie but couldn't get through, so he went to the Internet cafe near Zhuang Wenjie's residence to surf the Internet.

       At the hotel, the bidding activity finally started. Xu Zhengqing saw that the starting price of the first two lots was very low. He originally planned to take the first lot and took the opportunity to find out the location of the vault, but it was strange that the first lot had nothing to do with it. Value, but was auctioned all the way to the price of 2.5 million. Zhuang Wenjie was not going to let Xu Zhengqing go all out. When he saw the winner of the first lot holding a cane in his hand, he immediately remembered a man named "Mr." , one foot was a little lame. Seeing him go to get the price tag, Zhuang Wenjie vaguely felt that the other party was the man named "Mr.". He chased to the elevator door, asked random questions, and tried to see the characteristics of the auctioneer, but the other party ignored him at all, and didn't even turn around.

       Xu Zhengqing was worried that Zhuang Wenjie was in danger, so he pulled Zhuang Wenjie back and went to the rest room. Zhuang Wenjie told Xu Zhengqing that he was chasing after him on purpose just to put the ceramic locator in the pocket of the bodyguard next to the "sir". Xu Zhengqing turned on the locator and saw that "Mr." had been circling around the hotel, and finally headed towards the city.

       When Luo Jian came to the hotel, the staff at the front desk told him that all the rooms on the third floor down from the top floor were packed, and the elevator could only go up and down. Luo Jian was very anxious and had to climb up the stairs on foot. Zhuang Wenjie found the location of the auctioneer and came back to the hotel. He was sure that the location of the vault was in the hotel, so he asked Xu Zhengqing to return the locator. Despite the danger, Zhuang Wenjie wanted to inherit his father's wishes. Since Luoshen is very important to their family, he Be sure to get Luoshen.

       The two tried to find the location of the vault. Zhuang Wenjie climbed up to the vent on the ceiling, and then searched room by room. Finally, they found that a room was on duty and there was no one, so they climbed down from the vent. Luo Jian finally climbed to the top floor, but found that the exit had already been chained and guarded, obviously something was wrong. Luo Jian didn't force it.

       Suddenly, the sound of the elevator came from the stairs, and when he saw the elevator continued to slide down, Luo Jian remembered that the lady at the front desk told him that customers on the top floor were picked up by special cars. In order to see who was participating in the auction, Luo Jian immediately ran downstairs. Seeing the license plate number of the other party's vehicle, Liao Shuang immediately asked Liao Shuang to check the owner's information.

       According to the positioning, Zhuang Wenjie guessed that "Mr." had the same purpose as them, that is, to steal "Luo Shen", so Zhuang Wenjie changed into a maintenance worker's clothes and quietly followed "Mr."'s bodyguard all the way. He inquired at the front desk and learned that "Sir" covered a whole room on the 12th floor.

       The other party had already planned carefully. Zhuang Wenjie discovered that they had entered the surveillance room after disguising themselves, and then crept out after a while. After Zhuang Wenjie saw him leave, he also sneaked into the surveillance room and saw the frequently beating code on the surveillance video. He immediately took a picture of it with his mobile phone.

       After recording everything properly, Zhuang Wenjie was about to leave the monitoring room when he suddenly saw Luo Jian entering the elevator during the monitoring. It turned out that he was also in the hotel. He heard that someone was about to enter outside the monitoring room. Consistently convey information.

       Luo Jian's elevator suddenly stopped, and then a series of numbers burst out from the buttons, which he quickly realized was a password. Zhuang Wenjie once told him that the Morse code was not suitable for transmitting information, and now it is more private with the numbers on the keyboard of a mobile phone.


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