Luo Jian found the note and asked his wife to confirm it. Before leaving, she gave Luo Jian an apple and told Luo Jian to tell her the final investigation result.

Luo Jian took the note and went directly to Lao Ma and Ye Jia. Lao Ma recognized that it was the menu of a restaurant called Jin Gu Haowei Restaurant. After twelve years, Luo Jian was not sure whether this restaurant still existed. Ye Jia went to check immediately. Zhuang Wenjie returned to his residence safely from the Qingtan Hotel, and Xu Zhengqing rushed back later.

Ye Jia quickly found the address of Jingu Good Taste Restaurant. The location of the restaurant has not changed, but now it is changed to Jingu Old Taste. Luo Jian came to the restaurant and took out the note for the boss to identify. The boss recognized it as the menu of his restaurant. Luo Jian pulled out Fang Haizhong's photo. The boss recognized that Fang Haizhong had come to the restaurant to investigate and visit, and he reported it. Three people clashed in the restaurant. One of them splashed water on the other's face. The boss accidentally saw the splashed person appear across the street. Fang Haizhong went after the person without saying a word. Fang Haizhong also asked the boss for the surveillance video of the day of the conflict, and the boss engraved the video into a CD. Fang Haizhong never came to get it, so the boss put away the CD.

Luo Jian saw many students passing by and learned that the nearby Renmin Road Primary School was nearby. He immediately called Jiang Hao to check the primary school Zhuang Wenjie attended, which happened to be Renmin Road Primary School. Luo Jian helped the boss to find the CD-ROM package, but did not find the CD-ROM. Luo Jian asked him to seal up the warehouse, and no one was allowed to enter. Luo Jian was about to leave when he saw the guy in the store came back on a motorcycle with the license plate blocked by a CD-ROM. The CD was removed, and the boss was sure it was the one.

Ye Jia put out the CD. Because of the serious scratches and blurred images, Luo Jian recognized one of them as Ding Shenghuo. He went to the roof of the building to investigate according to Fang Haizhong's tracking route, and restored Fang Haizhong's pursuit of the suspect in his mind. The scene of falling from the building made his heart twist like a knife.

Xu Zhengqing suddenly received a call from Dai Mengde. He took Zhuang Wenjie over there. Dai Mengde arranged for Xu Zhengqing to attend the auction for his friend and re-uploaded the list to Undercurrent. Dai Mengde also found a map of the Qingtan Hotel. Xu Zhengqing came up with a good idea. He and Zhuang Wenjie pretended to be customers to enter the hotel, and then bid for the golden unicorn all the way, and asked the organizer to take Zhuang Wenjie to get the corresponding "Luo Shen". Xu Zhengqing found an excuse to stay in the hotel and confront Zhuang Wenjie. After positioning, determine the location of Luoshen's storage, they will find another opportunity to steal it, and Damonde will provide him with a ceramic locator and a mobile phone.

Dai Mengde revealed that each lot was placed in a safe with an electronic combination lock. Xu Zhengqing decided to join forces with Zhuang Wenjie to open the box and steal Luoshen. Luo Jian interrogated Ding Shenghuo again. Ding Shenghuo insisted that the real Luoshen had fallen into the river with Zhuang Yaobai and disappeared. The Luoshen who appeared now was fake, and he did not know Mr. Luo. Ding Shenghuo refused to answer.

Xu Zhengqing took out a bank card to Dai Mengde to thank him for his help. Dai Mengde refused to accept it. At that time, Xu Zhengqing took out two million to save his life. Xu Zhengqing threw the bank card to him and left. Zhuang Wenjie Only then did Xu Zhengqing use Ding Shenghuo's 2 million to save Dai Mengde, and the hatred in his heart eased a little.

Luo Jian suspected that the person who went to Laowei Restaurant with Ding Shenghuo was the husband. Due to the lack of conclusive evidence, Luo Jian asked Su Ying to pay attention to the report message sent online. When Xu Zhengqing received the news from Dai Mengde about the auction, he called Zhuang Wenjie as soon as possible, and Zhuang Wenjie deliberately changed into a suit.


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