Xu Zhengqing told Zhuang Wenjie the truth, repeatedly confessed his mistakes to Zhuang Wenjie, and did not expect his forgiveness. Zhuang Wenjie was noncommittal. Xu Zhengqing just wanted to leave, Luo Jian hurriedly came to Zhuang Wenjie, Xu Zhengqing had to go to the bathroom first.

Xu Zhengqing came out of the bathroom. Zhuang Wenjie introduced him as a tenant of his old house. Luo Jian learned about Xu Zhengqing’s situation in detail. Zhuang Wenjie tried his best to help him out. Xu Zhengqing repeatedly explained that he came to Zhuang Wenjie to increase the rent. Luo Jian thought it was very strange. Zhengqing kept saying that he felt sorry for Zhuang Wenjie. Luo Jian just wanted to know Zhuang Wenjie’s itinerary yesterday. Zhuang Wenjie called him out. Luo Jian asked him why he went to the Nivoland Plant Restaurant. Zhuang Wenjie claimed that his classmates ordered a restaurant for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Luo Jian suspected that he was looking for Liao Detong, but Zhuang Wenjie denied it. , Luo Jian forced him to reveal Xu Zhengqing's true identity, Zhuang Wenjie refused to answer, Luo Jian had to leave angrily.

Xu Zhengqing suspected that Liao Detong had betrayed Zhuang Wenjie to Luo Jian. Zhuang Wenjie felt that it was impossible. He made it clear that he would not forgive Xu Zhengqing, but he did not want to give up investigating the cause of his father's death. He wanted to continue to cooperate with Xu Zhengqing to find out the truth, and hoped that Xu Zhengqing would stop Nothing to hide from him. Luo Jian brought Liao Shuang to the community and quickly found Xu Zhengqing's information, confirming that he was the tenant of Zhuang Wenjie's house. Liao Shuang thought that Sun Zhijian was suspicious and suggested opening a gap in him. Luo Jian felt that Xu Zhengqing was not easy. Seeing that Dai Mengde was on the list, Xu Zhengqing took Zhuang Wenjie to see Dai Mengde.

Dai Mengde recognized that it was the list of members of the Undercurrent Underground Auction. The information of the members was kept confidential, and only Liao Detong, the middleman who was in contact with the Undercurrent, had this list. Dai Mengde received an email from Undercurrent two weeks ago. Two days later, he was going to hold a non-physical auction in Qingcheng during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Zhuang Wenjie was puzzled. Dai Mengde explained that the organizer first sent a fake auction list, and then attached a two-dimensional auction. Only after scanning the QR code can you see the real lot, because buyers are unwilling to reveal their identities, so they use the masquerade as a guise.

Dai Mengde opened a fake auction list on the computer, and there was a photo of the real auction next to it. Xu Zhengqing saw at a glance that the golden unicorn ornament corresponded to the "Luo Shen". Zhuang Wenjie guessed that the purpose of the list was the "Luo Shen". He opened the attachment that Undercurrent sent to Dai Mengde. It was a video file recorded by a man wearing a mask. He did not specify the time and place of the auction. The notice list The person on the board will send an email to report their location, and the organizer will send a car to pick them up one by one.

Zhuang Wenjie wanted to go to the auction, but he didn't know the exact location and time. He watched the video carefully and found the hotel's WIFI password on the kettle behind the man wearing the mask. Zhuang Wenjie deduced that it was Qingtan Holiday Hotel based on the abbreviation of the password. Time sent a message to inform Luo Jian that he did not use his mobile phone, but sent it through the Internet.

Luo Jian dug out the 2007 Luoshen case file overnight. It was a past event he didn't want to think about. Back then, Master Fang Haizhong took Luo Jian around to investigate and collect evidence. Luo Jian was not interested in Luoshen's case and wanted to investigate major cases. He wanted to take Luo Jian to investigate. Luo Jian thought that Fang Haizhong was a soldier, and this was not a valuable clue at all. Fang Haizhong felt that things were not that simple, but the note was washed by his wife when she was doing laundry. Luo Jian advised Fang Haizhong to investigate major cases, otherwise the three groups of them would never be able to raise their heads, and the two of them had a disagreement, and they quarreled. Fang Haizhong drove Luo Jian out of the car in a fit of anger.

Luo Jian was eating at a restaurant when Fang Haizhong suddenly called him. He deliberately refused to answer. Fang Haizhong called again. Luo Jian just picked up the phone and ran out of power. That night, Luo Jian returned to the police force very late. When he learned that Fang Haizhong had slipped and fell from the upstairs, Luo Jian rushed to the hospital. Fang Haizhong died because of the ineffective treatment. Luo Jian regretted it and felt that he had killed Fang Haizhong.

The TV broadcasted the news that the "Luo Shen" picture was stolen from the tea garden vault, and the suspect fell into the river and disappeared. Luo Jian blamed himself even more, regretting that he did not go to the tea garden vault with Fang Haizhong to investigate. After 12 years, Luo Jian mustered up the courage to come to see his wife, only to know that Su Ying had visited her in his name. Luo Jian learned from his wife that the bubbled note was in Fang Haizhong's hands, but Luo Jian could not. The note was not found in Fang Haizhong's belongings.

Luo Jian sent Ye Jia to check the source of the information and learned that it was sent by the network base station. Luo Jian came to Qingtan Holiday Hotel to investigate and found nothing unusual. Zhuang Wenjie and Xu Zhengqing came after disguised and disguised. They were targeted as soon as they appeared. Zhuang Wenjie and Xu Zhengqing came to the underground parking lot, and Zhuang Wenjie skillfully led them away. , mixed in with tourists and entered the hotel.

Luo Jian opened the file and looked at the photos of him and Fang Haizhong carefully. He accidentally saw Liao Shuang wet a document. Liao Shuang put the wet folder into the book. Luo Jian was deeply inspired and decided that Fang Haizhong also put the note. After putting it in the book, he went to his wife again, and the teacher asked him to go to the study. Luo Jian finally found the bubbled note in the book.


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