Zhuang Wenjie was very calm in the face of the three strangers, guessing that they were the ones who came to the house secretly last time, and deliberately left a photo of him and his mother. The visitor claimed to be Ding Shenghuo, and he confessed to it. Zhuang Wenjie concluded that Ding Shenghuo stole the painting and blamed him, but Ding Shenghuo denied it. Zhuang Wenjie deduced the division of labor between the other two from their little actions and habits, and tried hard to ask the origin of the photo. Ding Shenghuo was full of praise for his analysis and asked him for a favor. Zhuang Wenjie was determined not to be a thief, and Ding Shenghuo repeatedly Emphasizing that Zhuang Wenjie stole from a family, and called out Ding Wei, a young man hiding in the bathroom, Zhuang Wenjie recognized at a glance that he was the one who was talking to Lin Zhiyue, and warned him to stay away from Lin Zhiyue.

Luo Jian analyzed that someone wanted to blame Zhuang Wenjie, and sent police officers to retrieve Masan's call records. Unexpectedly, the two calls were made from the landline of Zhuang Wenjie's rental house. Luo Jian rushed to Zhuang Wenjie's rental house in person. Ding Shenghuo hid the real "water lily" in Zhuang Wenjie's room, and revealed that he used his landline phone to contact Ma San to copy the painting in the name of Zhuang Wenjie. He would arrive within 20 minutes, Ding Shenghuo persuaded Zhuang Wenjie to think about it, and then took someone away.

Zhuang Wenjie rummaged around in the room, and finally found the genuine piece on the kitchen ceiling. Luo Jian came to him suddenly, and Zhuang Wenjie was so frightened that he hurriedly put the painting under the pile of paintings he copied. Luo Jian walked around the room. He wanted to look at the pile of paintings. Zhuang Wenjie quickly distracted him. Luo Jian learned that Zhuang Wenjie was not at home when he talked to Masan twice, and once went to the climbing club to participate. The other time was to buy paint. Both times, there were witnesses who could testify. Luo Jian asked Zhuang Wenjie for the landline number at home. , but the telephone interface is still there.

Luo Jian found that Zhuang Wenjie's room smelled of smoke. Zhuang Wenjie lied that the toilet was blocked and asked someone to repair it. The maintenance worker was smoking at home. Luo Jian didn't notice anything abnormal and had to leave first. Zhuang Wenjie went to school early in the morning and found that Ding Wei had been following him, and he was very disturbed. At noon, Luo Jian received a takeaway from a restaurant named Alley Kou, where Zhuang Wenjie worked. There were portraits of Ding Shenghuo and the four of them, as well as the authentic "water lily". Luo Jian sent Liao Shuang to ask Mr. Fang to identify the real and fake, and sent The police officers separately checked the takeaway platform and the real identities of the four people on the portrait.

Ding Wei offered to sponsor Lin Zhiyue to organize the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala. Lin Zhiyue naturally could not ask for it, so he exchanged contact information with him. Zhuang Wenjie watched Ding Wei go away and reminded Lin Zhiyue to ignore him. Luo Jian learned that Zhuang Wenjie had been to the Alley Kou restaurant, and that the courier sent the food directly to the criminal police team. Luo Jian sent someone to call Zhuang Wenjie. Pangpanzhi quickly found out the identities of the four people in the portrait. In 2007, Ding Shenghuo and Zhuang Yaobai joined forces After stealing Luoshen, he was imprisoned for ten years. He was released last year. Lei Xiaofei was sentenced to four years for stealing high-rise buildings. He was also released from prison last year. Ding Wei was serving his sentence in the same prison, but Ding Wei did not have a criminal record and his identity was not found for the time being.

Pangpanzhi insisted that Zhuang Wenjie was a thief, Luo Jian analyzed Ding Shenghuo, Lei Xiaofei and Wang Sixing joined hands to commit the crime, and then blamed Zhuang Wenjie. Luo Jian discovered that the first time "Water Lily" was stolen was Zhuang Wenjie's birthday. Zhuang Wenjie came to the toilet, Ding Wei waited there for a long time, Zhuang Wenjie called Luo Jian in a hurry, Luo Jian heard Ding Wei coercing Zhuang Wenjie to cooperate with them, Ding Wei found something wrong and wanted to check Zhuang Wenjie's phone number, Zhuang Wenjie deleted the record in his pocket and switched to listening mode.

When Zhuang Wenjie wanted to see Ding Shenghuo, Ding Wei put a mask on him and confiscated his mobile phone. Luo Jian sent someone to retrieve the surveillance at the gate of the school and recognized that Ding Wei drove away Zhuang Wenjie, and Luo Jian sent someone to follow the car. The police followed Ding Wei's car to the underground garage of a shopping mall, and disappeared in a blink of an eye. The police officers who were guarding the exit did not find the car. Luo Jian worried that Zhuang Wenjie was in danger and sent someone to check the surveillance of the underground garage. The result was nothing.


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