Zhuang Wenjie wanted to ask Liao Detong for clues, but since the "Water Lily" case, Liao Detong has greatly strengthened the security system of the Twin Towers. Negative one by one. Xu Zhengqing and Zhuang Wenjie quietly followed Liao Detong and found out that he was going to celebrate his daughter Liao Shishi's birthday tomorrow at the Nivoland Plant Restaurant. Zhuang Wenjie pretended to go to the front desk to book a Mid-Autumn Festival classmates dinner, and took the opportunity to get the birthday banquet schedule.

Luo Jian went to the company to find Liao Detong. Liao Detong went to sea and couldn't come back today. He learned that Liao Detong was going to hold a birthday party for his daughter at noon tomorrow. Zhuang Wenjie and Xu Zhengqing discussed using the magic show to sneak into the birthday party, looking for opportunities to approach Liao Detong, Lin Zhiyue called and invited Zhuang Wenjie to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together, Zhuang Wenjie excused something.

Liao Shishi's birthday party was held as scheduled, and many children came to celebrate her. Liao Detong came to the restaurant early, and the staff arranged for him to change his clothes through magic, and finally appeared in Winnie the Pooh's clothes, giving Liao Shishi a surprise. Liao Detong came to the locker room and saw a person wearing a doll's clothes inside, he immediately became alert, and when he confirmed that the person was a staff member, he was relieved.

At the beginning of the show, Liao Detong hid in a box through the organs on the stage according to the magician's request. The magician pushed him away to change his clothes, and the host asked the children to search for Winnie the Pooh in the maze. When Liao Detong released it from the box, he found out that the magician was Xu Zhengqing. Xu Zhengqing wanted to know what Ding Shenghuo sent someone to copy from his computer. Liao Detong refused to answer, and Xu Zhengqing gritted his teeth angrily. At the same time, Luo Jian came to the birthday party. He stood at a high place and carefully observed every corner of the plant restaurant, and finally found the person wearing Winnie the Pooh clothes. Everyone thought it was Liao Detong, but it was Zhuang Wenjie and Liao Shishila. The man in Winnie the Pooh's clothes took pictures and asked him to take off his headgear.

Zhuang Wenjie came to the locker room to meet Xu Zhengqing. Xu Zhengqing threatened to cut off Liao Detong’s fingers. Zhuang Wenjie interceded for Liao Detong and asked him to take a picture with his daughter Liao Shishi first. Xu Zhengqing did not want to fall short, but he couldn’t hold back Zhuang Wenjie’s hard pleading. Zhuang Wenjie begged Liao Detong to tell what Ding Shenghuo had copied from his computer. He wanted to find out the truth of his father's suicide as soon as possible. Liao Detong said that the document was backed up in the frame of his glasses, reminding Zhuang Wenjie to beware of Xu Zhengqing. Wan betrayed Zhuang Yaobai. Xu Zhengqing found the memory card in his glasses and took Zhuang Wenjie away quietly.

Luo Jian followed, urging Liao Detong to come out as soon as possible to take a group photo with everyone. Liao Detong came out of the locker room. Luo Jian found that his hand was scratched. Liao Detong explained that he accidentally scratched while changing clothes. Luo Jian felt that something was wrong, so he quietly returned to the locker room to investigate, and found a mass of black tape on the ground, and quietly took the tape away.

The more Luo Jian thought about it, the more wrong he felt. He felt that Liao De was also wrong. The technical department detected human skin tissue on the black tape, and Pang Dazhi hurriedly reported to Luo Jian. Zhuang Wenjie opened the backup file and found that it was a list of undercurrents. Zhuang Wenjie couldn't wait to confirm whether what Liao Detong said was true or not. Xu Zhengqing admitted that he received Ding Shenghuo 2 million in the past, but Zhuang Yaobai didn't know about it. Luo Jian took Liao Shuang to the Nivoland Plant Restaurant to investigate and visit, and learned that a young man was going to hold a class reunion in the restaurant. Luo Jian wanted to check the surveillance. The front desk clerk asked the general manager for instructions and turned on the surveillance. Luo Jian recognized the young man. It was Zhuang Wenjie, who came to his house overnight to confirm with Zhuang Wenjie.


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