Xu Zhengqing grew up with Zhuang Yaobai. They both learned the skill of picking doors and locks from Zhuang Yaobai's father. They did a lot of bad things when they were young. The first thing they stole together was the "water lily". In 1998, Zhuang Yaobai met his wife Xiaoyu, and he decided to wash his hands in a golden basin to live a stable life. Later, there was Zhuang Wenjie. Xu Zhengqing and Zhuang Yaobai never saw each other again.

Twelve years ago, Ding Shenghuo suddenly came to Xu Zhengqing to cooperate with the tea garden treasury to steal "Luo Shen". Xu Zhengqing knew that the tea garden treasury was tightly guarded and felt that it was impossible to complete. Ding Shenghuo promised to deal with all peripheral obstacles, as long as Xu Zhengqing was within ten minutes. Open three locks inside. Xu Zhengqing was worried that he would not be able to do it, so he recommended Zhuang Yaobo to Ding Shenghuo, but Zhuang Yaobo categorically refused, Xu Zhengqing thought that the matter was over, and left Qingcheng.

In a fit of rage, Ding Shenghuo kidnapped Xiaoyu and coerced Zhuang Yaobai. Xiaoyu’s asthma had a sudden onset of bronchospasm, and finally died unexpectedly. Xu Zhengqing learned about this and persuaded Zhuang Yaobai to take Zhuang Wenjie to fly away. Zhuang Yaobai found out that there were evil forces behind Ding Shenghuo. He did not dare to escape.

When Xu Zhengqing saw the news of Zhuang Yaobai's death in the river, he wanted to take Zhuang Wenjie away. When he saw that Zhuang Wenjie was taken away by the orphanage, he left with confidence. A few years ago, Xu Zhengqing rented Zhuang's old house to open a watch shop. Zhuang Wenjie revealed to Xu Zhengqing that his husband had sent people to look for the "Luo Shen". Xu Zhengqing was immediately stunned. He secretly found out that the head of the evil forces behind Ding Shenghuo was called "Mr.". Don't show your true colors, just manipulate others to do things for him through the Internet.

Xu Zhengqing met Chang Le, an appraiser of an antique shop half a year ago. Chang Le revealed that "Luo Shen" appeared in Jianghu again. Soon after, Chang Le, who did not drink alcohol, died accidentally due to drunkenness. Xu Zhengqing believed that he was killed and suspected Zhuang Yaobo didn't die at all, and the Luoshen still had him in his hands, but he thought it was impossible. It was impossible for Zhuang Yaobo not to come to see Zhuang Wenjie in the past 12 years.

Su Ying and Luo Jian came to report to Director Zhao together. Director Zhao was full of praise for them both. Su Ying proposed to stay with Mr. Qingcheng Cha. Director Zhao naturally couldn't get what he wanted, and let them cooperate sincerely. Luo Jian complained in his heart. Director Zhao left Luo Jian alone and tried his best to bring Luo Jian and Su Ying together. Luo Jian found various excuses to shirk the blame.

Su Ying called everyone to a meeting to discuss the specific plan for arresting Mr. Ye Jia. Ye Jia released the surveillance cameras near the pool of hidden necklaces. Both Luo Jian and Su Ying felt that there was a person who was suspicious, but that person quickly disappeared from the crowd, and there was no way for him. After investigation, Luo Jian decided to ask Wen Yuanzheng to borrow the "Tears of the Moon God" necklace to have a look. Lin Zhiyue's mobile phone and wallet were found, but Sun Zhijian looked sad, because Yu Tian never contacted him again. He wanted to invite Zhuang Wenjie to participate in the sorority meeting, but Zhuang Wenjie excused himself for something.

Zhuang Wenjie came to the master painter to ask about the picture of "Luo Shen". He learned that the pictures preserved in the exhibition hall were copied from photos. Zhuang Wenjie decided to find out the truth. Any clues had to come to Xu Zhengqing to inquire about the situation at that time. Xu Zhengqing persuaded him not to take risks, but Zhuang Wenjie made up his mind. He analyzed that the husband deliberately pushed Sister Hong to the police. Now the clues are broken. Only Ding Shenghuo knows the whole plan of the husband. Mr. Zhuang Yaobai's next plan can find out the truth of Zhuang Yaobai's suicide.

Luo Jian asked for the necklace to be taken back, and suddenly found a string of Arabic numerals on the back of the necklace. He asked the appraiser to confirm that it was engraved during the Republic of China. Luo Jian's thoughts coincided with Zhuang Wenjie's, and he also felt that by finding the missing information in Liao Detong's computer, he could find out the truth.


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