Zhuang Wenjie relied on his father Zhuang Yaobai to learn how to tie and untie when he was a child. He quickly untied the ropes on his hands and legs. People under Sister Hong went upstairs to inspect. The key, and threatened to intimidate Zhuang Wenjie to leave.

Su Ying sent people to the traffic team to check the vehicles passing through the tunnel at the same time as Ma Youfang. A total of 11 vehicles were investigated and they were checked one by one. When Zhuang Wenjie heard the two people going downstairs, he hurriedly escaped from the roof. From the window, he saw that someone downstairs was packing several large boxes, which were marked as load-bearing bricks. Zhuang Wenjie had to go around to the front and overheard the two people talking about the last time Sister Hong helped her husband, and she wanted to kick him away to get the "Luo Shen". The two people were worried and hurried upstairs to see Zhuang Wenjie. Zhuang Wenjie took the opportunity to go down the stairs, but was found by another person, and he was so frightened that he ran away.

Zhuang Wenjie was dodging around in the warehouse. The three people chased and blocked him. Suddenly, someone came out to save him, and effortlessly opened the back door of the warehouse and let him escape. Sister Hong took Zhang Meng and Yu Tian to guard outside. When Sister Hong learned that Zhuang Wenjie had escaped, she decided that he would go back to the police to report the case, and immediately decided to go to the hotel to pick up Li Anfu and start the operation in advance.

The police officer who was squatting in the hotel reported to Su Ying that Li Anfu was picked up. She sent someone to follow the car and discussed the next action plan with Luo Jian. Zhuang Wenjie hurriedly came to the police station and surrendered himself. He concealed his rescue and only told about being locked in a large warehouse with a headgear on, and his mobile phone was confiscated. After he escaped, he stopped the taxi on the road and learned from the driver. The place where he was detained was the warehouse of Side Wharf. Zhuang Wenjie concluded that Sister Hong and the others had begun to act, and suggested that they should find their target as soon as possible. Su Ying did not allow him to interfere with this matter, and Luo Jian was inconvenienced to say more.

Zhuang Wenjie told Su Ying and Luo Jian what the two said, and suggested to check the details of Mr. The police hurried to report to Su Ying that Li Anfu was taken to the yacht of Yang Yong, the boat king in Qingcheng, and Su Ying sent her to find out the social relationship between Yang Yong and Liang Luohuan.

At the same time, Zhuang Wenjie told Luo Jian that there were workers loading load-bearing bricks in the warehouse. Luo Jian suspected that these bricks were reliefs of coffins. Su Ying soon received information from the police and learned that Liang Luohuan's father and Yang Yong were close friends. Yang Yong had no children, so he treated Liang Luohuan as his own daughter. Luo Jian concluded that Li Anfu's purpose in approaching Liang Luohuan was to use Yang Yong's He did not dare to delay the shipment of the funeral goods by ship, so he and Su Ying went back to check the Yang Yong Company's ship that went to sea today, and found the Jinliang.

Yang Yong uses Jinliang to help Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regular auction houses deliver antiques and exhibits every month. These exhibits will be placed in the special vault of Yang Yong's freighter, and only Yang Yong's iris can be opened. Su Ying and Luo Jian analyzed that Sister Hong forged Yang Yong's iris just to put the coffin and funeral objects in the vault, and then they would be transported away without knowing it.

Sister Hong brought Zhang Meng and Yu Tian to the pier. Li Anfu and Liang Luohuan had been waiting for a long time. Liang Luohuan had already changed the route of Jinliang to ensure that the cargo would arrive on time. Sister Hong arranged for Zhang Meng and Yu Tian to board the ship to escort the goods. Get on the boat and start moving.

The crew member Luo Yue found that the fault light was on, so he went down to investigate with his colleagues. Yu Tian and Zhang Meng took the opportunity to use their irises to open the vault and hide the coffin and funeral objects. When Sister Hong saw Yu Tian and Zhang Meng aboard the boat, she felt relieved, and left with Liang Luohuan and Li Anfu. Yang Yong came over after hearing the news. Sister Hong thanked him for helping with the shipment and promised to prepare for the marriage of Li Anfu and Liang Luohuan as soon as possible. Never ask for it.

Luo Jian and Su Ying arrived in time with the police and surrounded the four of them. Sister Hong knew that the situation was over and could only be captured. Officers recovered from the boat the relief of the coffin disguised as bricks and the buried goods hidden in the vault. Su Ying personally interrogated Sister Hong and testified that she asked Ding Shenghuo to find a fly for her palm print and iris, and Li Shuting to steal the "Tears of the Moon God". Putting it together, he wanted to frame the Luna case on her. The husband asked Li Anfu to cooperate with her, and deliberately let Li Anfu create a murder case, just to let the police focus on her.

Luo Jian suddenly tried Li Anfu and forced him to explain who his husband was. Li Anfu claimed that his husband saved him and let him find the dignity of being a human being. He and Li Shuting are both disciples of his husband. The husband is everywhere and nowhere to be found , threatening that Luo Jian will never find his husband, and he has never seen his true face. Luo Jian pointedly pointed out that Li Anfu was bewitched by his husband's obsession and willingly served him, and engaged in telecommunication fraud on the Internet. Luo Jian found that Li Anfu had obviously induced suicide in the chat records, which led to Wang Xue's suicide.

Luo Jian explained his interests to Li Anfu and forced him to reveal the true identity of his husband. Li Anfu explained that he had lived in an undisturbed underground bank until he met his husband on the Internet, and he taught him the secrets of attracting women. Believe in Mr. Sister Hong explained that she met her husband on the Internet. He never showed his face.

Zhuang Wenjie admitted that he hid a lot of things from Luo Jian. He wanted to avenge his father, but was deceived by Ding Shenghuo. Luo Jian encouraged him to study hard. After the case was settled, Luo Jian offered to invite Su Ying to dinner, and wanted to practice it for them. Su Ying wanted to stay and arrest Mr. Luo, but Luo Jian refused to do it and insisted on investigating by himself, and did not want to be controlled by Su Ying anymore. Su Ying promised not to get involved in this matter and reminded him to see his wife. Luo Jian didn't want to mention it, so he quickly changed the subject. Su Ying suggested that he open a gap in Zhuang Wenjie to check Mr.

Zhuang Wenjie concealed one thing from Luo Jian. He concluded that it was Xu Zhengqing who rescued him in the warehouse, so he came to the watch shop to confront Xu Zhengqing. Xu Zhengqing confessed to this. Recognizing Zhuang Wenjie, he felt that he had hurt Zhuang Yaobai.


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