Su Ying determined that Zhuang Wenjie was related to these recent cases and was a breakthrough to find the mastermind behind the scenes. Su Ying ordered remote monitoring of Zhuang Wenjie and arranged for people to visit the police station in the jurisdiction for investigation. Su Ying gave Jiang Hao, Liao Shuang and Dangda. Zhidu arranged different tasks, Luo Jian dared not to speak out, he wanted to stare at Zhuang Wenjie himself, but Su Ying did not object.

Zhuang Wenjie sent an email and ordered delivery at Qingcheng Terminal three days later. On the day he was discharged from the hospital, he asked Sun Zhijian to bring the suitcase containing palm prints and irises back to the dormitory. Zhuang Wenjie called Sun Zhijian overnight to send the suitcase. Sun Zhijian was playing games, and There is still class tomorrow morning, and he promised to send it to Zhuang Wenjie at noon tomorrow. That night, Luo Jian slept on the sofa in the office as usual, but he couldn't find his pillow anywhere. Su Ying saw that his pillow was old and dirty, so he bought a new pillow for him, and laughed at him as a savage.

At noon the next day, Zhuang Wenjie was waiting for Sun Zhijian at home. He didn't expect Luo Jian to come to him and sincerely apologize to him. He also wanted to stay and eat takeout with him. Luo Jian reminded Zhuang Wenjie not to contact any random people. Has been silent. Luo Jian received a call from Su Ying as soon as he ordered takeout, and he had to leave first.

Sun Zhijian wanted to send Zhuang Wenjie a suitcase at noon, but suddenly received a call from Yu Tian, ​​Yu Tian asked him to have lunch together, Sun Zhijian called Zhuang Wenjie and promised to send him a suitcase in the afternoon. Su Ying led someone to monitor Zhuang Wenjie remotely. Unexpectedly, Luo Jian went to his house to find Zhuang Wenjie. She was worried that she would scare the snake, so she called Luo Jian back.

Zhuang Wenjie couldn't get through to Sun Zhijian's phone. Seeing from the window that Luo Jian had left the gate of the community, he was going to take a taxi to the school to pick up his suitcase. Ma Youfang suddenly put a dagger against his waist from behind and took him to a nearby cafe. Su Ying asked the police officers who were squatting nearby to follow up, but the cafe has very few customers now. If you go in rashly, it will inevitably cause Ma Youfang Su Ying had no choice but to let them continue to monitor outside the store.

Luo Jian discovered from the surveillance that Zhuang Wenjie was looking around, feeling that something was wrong with him, and suspecting that he was being held hostage. Ma Youfang forced Zhuang Wenjie to hand over his palm print and iris. Zhuang Wenjie wanted to check his identity. Ma Youfang threatened the lives of Sun Zhijian and Lin Zhiyue, and kept saying that Zhuang Yao washed his hands in Birkin basin and stole the ancient painting "Luo Shen". Reported to the police and locked Ding Shenghuo in the treasury, but Zhuang Yaobai was forced to death by the police. Ding Shenghuo asked Zhuang Wenjie to go to the locker room of the swimming pool to get his palm prints and iris for revenge.

Zhuang Wenjie wanted to continue asking about his father, Zhuang Yaobai. Ma Youfang was very impatient and urged him to hand over the things as soon as possible. Zhuang Wenjie agreed to go back and get it. Ma Youfang reminded him not to take the money from the contact lens store, otherwise he would be rude to Sun Zhijian. Only then did Zhuang Wenjie realize that he and Sun Zhijian had been under surveillance for a long time, so he had to say that the things were in the black suitcase of Sun Zhijian's dormitory. Ma Youfang asked him to call Sun Zhijian and have his roommate deliver the suitcase to the silver Jetta at the school gate.

Zhuang Wenjie couldn't get through to Sun Zhijian's phone, Ma Youfang admitted that they blocked Sun Zhijian's cell phone signal and asked Zhuang Wenjie to call again in three minutes. Ma Youfang quietly sent a message to Yu Tian, ​​Yu Tian turned off the signal blocker, Zhuang Wenjie called Sun Zhijian's phone, Sun Zhijian Promise to have your roommate deliver the box to the gate.

Ma You confirmed to the companion who was squatting there that the box had been obtained. He still could not confirm the authenticity of the item. He wanted to take Zhuang Wenjie for a trip. Zhuang Wenjie strongly protested, but worried that Sun Zhijian was in danger, so he had to leave with him in the car. Su Ying monitored Zhuang Wenjie's every move and found that he was free to move and could make phone calls. He believed that he and Ma Youfang were in a group, and sent someone to monitor the car and arrest them if necessary.

Luo Jian came to the cafe, first revealed his identity, and then checked the surveillance video of the cafe. Luo Jian clearly saw Zhuang Wenjie typing Morse code on the chair with his fingers, implying that his two friends were being watched. Luo Jian immediately sent Liao Shuang and Pang Dazhi to confirm the safety of Sun Zhijian and Lin Zhiyue, and asked Su Ying to prevent Ma Youfang from taking Zhuang Wenjie as a hostage. .

Ma Youfang drove into the tunnel and transferred Zhuang Wenjie to another car. When Ma Youfang drove out of the tunnel, Su Yingcai discovered that Zhuang Wenjie had been transferred. She had to send someone to check the vehicles entering and exiting the tunnel at that time, and investigate the whereabouts of Zhuang Wenjie as soon as possible. . Zhuang Wenjie was arrested to see Sister Hong, and his hands were tied. He remained calm and calm, neither humble nor arrogant, and asked how Sister Hong knew that the iris was in his hands. Sister Hong refused to answer and locked Zhuang Wenjie.

Su Ying suddenly tried Ma Youfang, Ma Youfang lied that he and Zhuang Wenjie were friends, and the two met to go to a farmhouse for dinner. When Zhuang Wenjie had an emergency when crossing the tunnel, he stopped a taxi and left. Luo Jian didn't believe it at all. He insisted that Zhuang Wenjie was coerced by Ma Youfang. Su Ying felt that Zhuang Wenjie was not simple and suspected that he was related to a criminal gang. Luo Jian suspected that Iris was in the hands of Zhuang Wenjie, so he was held hostage. He firmly believed in Zhuang Wenjie's character, Su Ying disagreed with him, and the two had a heated argument.


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