Luo Jian recognized that the woman who came up from the elevator was Su Ying, the captain of the Criminal Police Corps of the Provincial Public Security Department. Su Ying asked Luo Jian to take people away. She had been staring at this group of people for a long time. Luo Jian refused to do it. Seeing that the case of Xiaoxue's naked loan was about to be solved, he did not want to give up halfway. Keep claiming that those people have more serious cases.

Luo Jian was not convinced. Master Fang Haizhong suddenly called Luo Jian and ordered him to withdraw as soon as possible, so as not to interfere with Su Ying's handling of the case. Luo Jian was forced to leave angrily and let Jiang Hao drive directly to Qingcheng University. As soon as Luo Jian saw Zhuang Wenjie, he poured all his anger on him, angrily scolding Zhuang Wenjie for not believing in the police, and acting without authorization. After Luo Jian vented, he felt that he had lost his way, and apologized to Zhuang Wenjie again and again, wanting to know what happened to Zhuang Wenjie to him. , Zhuang Wenjie was stabbed by his words and ignored him in a fit of anger.

Luo Jian brought Liao Shuang, Pang Dazhi and Jiang Hao back to the Criminal Police Team, and learned that Director Zhao had been waiting for them to have a meeting, and the four of them hurried to the conference room. Su Ying recounted the case again. Sister Hong had three tomb robbers under her command—Ma Youfang, Zhang Meng and Yu Tian. They were suspected of stealing the coffin of Princess Mawangdui Yufu. An Fu lives in the same room, and Su Ying hasn't found out Sister Hong's true identity, nor does she know their next move.

Director Zhao asked Luo Jian to fully cooperate with Su Ying's work, and not to disturb Li Anfu for the time being, so as not to startle the snake, Luo Jian wanted to give Xiaoxue's family an explanation as soon as possible. Su Ying found out that Li Shuting had connections with the three tomb robbers, and Zhang Ying, nicknamed Flies, was arrested for forging artworks. He explained that he helped Ding Shenghuo make palm prints and a cut bionic iris, and put them in the Zhulang Swimming Pool. locker room.

Liao Shuang checked the trajectory of Li Shuting's motorcycle and found that she had been to the Zhulang Swimming Pool. Su Ying wanted to arraign Ding Shenghuo immediately, Luo Jian agreed to cooperate fully, Su Ying also wanted to get to know Zhuang Wenjie, and Luo agreed firmly. When Zhuang Wenjie came to his hometown, he couldn't help thinking of the scene when he was taken away by the people from the orphanage. He had no time to appreciate the beautiful scenery, and unknowingly came to Xu Zhengqing's watch repair shop. Suddenly received a call, he hurried out to answer.

Luo Jian came to the men's locker room of the Zhulang Swimming Pool and found that there was glass debris on the ground with broken screen of Zhuang Wenjie's mobile phone. He suddenly remembered the abnormal performance of Zhuang Wenjie that night when he was hospitalized. Luo Jian came to Zhuang Wenjie’s door to stand guard. Zhuang Wenjie came home very late. Luo Jian reminded him not to be used by Ding Shenghuo. Zhuang Wenjie got angry and said that he just didn’t believe the police and that Luo Jian was not allowed to interfere in his affairs. Luo Jian forced him to surrender Zhuang Wenjie refused to acknowledge the palm print and iris, nor did he admit that the fragments of the mobile phone screen in the locker room of the swimming pool belonged to him. Luo Jian threatened to keep staring at him.

Lin Zhiyue lost her wallet and mobile phone on the bus and was worried about being used by criminals. She immediately informed Zhuang Wenjie and Sun Zhijian not to be cheated of money. Zhuang Wenjie advised her not to worry and wanted to find clues through the monitoring of the bus. Sun Zhijian replied to the application. The computer locates her phone. A few days ago, Sun Zhijian met a girl in Computer City. He fell in love with the girl at first sight and asked Zhuang Wenjie and Lin Zhiyue about their experience in dating girls.

Su Ying sent someone to follow Sister Hong and found that they were helping Li Anfu to pursue Liang Luohuan, whose father was a well-known antique collector. Ma Youfang helped Li Anfu to forge the identity of a rich man. Sister Hong also arranged for someone to approach Liang Luohuan's best friend. They told Liang Luohuan all the good things about Li Anfu and carefully created the image of Li Anfu's perfect man. Liang Luohuan and Li Anfu are very close. Fall in love quickly. Li Anfu deliberately used the photos of Liang Luohuan and his ex-boyfriend to talk about things, and manipulated Liang Luohuan's feelings by breaking up, cold violence, and dwarfing his personality. Liang Luohuan threatened suicide, but Li Anfu tried his best to appease her and successfully conquered Liang Luohuan spiritually.

Pangdazhi and Jiang Hao were dismissive of Su Ying's investigation. Unexpectedly, they found out that Yu Tian deliberately approached Sun Zhijian. Zhang Meng followed Lin Zhiyue on the bus. After that, Lin Zhiyue's mobile phone and wallet disappeared. Su Ying concluded that Sister Hong They had already set their sights on Zhuang Wenjie, suspecting that they wanted something from Zhuang Wenjie, and Zhuang Wenjie participated in Ding Shenghuo's case throughout, Luo Jian tried his best to defend Zhuang Wenjie.

Zhuang Wenjie remembered the tragic death of Xiaoxue and the strange things that Lin Zhiyue and Sun Zhijian had encountered recently. He felt that he was all involved. He considered repeatedly and decided to hand over the palm print and iris. location and time of the shipment.


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