Ye Jia cracked Xiaoxue's mobile phone data, but couldn't find her boyfriend's photo. Ye Jia found the chat records of Xiaoxue and her boyfriend through social accounts. Luo Jian read it from beginning to end and found that Xiaoxue and her boyfriend had broken up and suspected her boyfriend. Forcibly had sex with her, took the opportunity to take a nude photo of her to borrow 3 million, and then ran away with the money.

Luo Jian asked Ye Jia to check Xiaoxue's boyfriend's information. Ye Jia wanted to log in to Xiaoxue's social account and pushed it backwards. The result showed that someone had logged into Xiaoxue's account in the Qingcheng University library. Ye Jia quickly found out that it was Zhuang Wenjie and Sun Zhijian. And Lin Zhiyue, they used Xiaoxue's computer to log in to their social accounts, Luo Jian was very annoyed, and took Liao Shuang to find them to settle accounts. Zhuang Wenjie wanted to find out why Xiaoxue committed suicide. Sun Zhijian found out the chat record between Xiaoxue and a man on Doulai. They had only known each other for a few days. Zhuang Wenjie asked him to call up the man's email address.

Zhuang Wenjie carefully checked the man's email, and there were no valuable clues except for spam advertisements. Zhuang Wenjie suddenly saw the receipt of the registered member of Zhulang Swimming Pool, and remembered that Ding Shenghuo asked him to go there to get palm prints and irises. Sun Zhijian and Lin Zhiyue concealed the matter.

Luo Jian brought Liao Shuang directly to the library, and did not allow Zhuang Wenjie to interfere in Xiaoxue’s affairs. Zhuang Wenjie analyzed that the suspect was proficient in social engineering, and analyzed Xiaoxue’s preferences and habits through big data, and then used this to please Xiaoxue to gain her goodwill. Check this out. Luo Jian did not allow him to get involved in this matter again, and even took the three of them back for investigation on the charge of obstructing law enforcement. Zhuang Wenjie took the initiative to take all the responsibilities, and Luo Jian asked him to bring Xiaoxue's computer back to the police force.

Liao Shuang used Xiaoxue's account to push back, and it turned out that there was more than one girl victimized, and the suspect's modus operandi was the same. Luo Jian saw from the chat records that the suspect had an obvious intention to induce Xiaoxue to commit suicide, and the link to the nude photos he gave Xiaoxue was sent to a group. Luo Jian wanted to solve the case as soon as possible to prevent more victims from repeating the same mistakes of Xiaoxue. Luo Jian sent someone to find three naked girls to collect evidence. They were afraid of being exposed and were unwilling to cooperate with the investigation.

Luo Jian called Zhuang Wenjie and wanted Lin Zhiyue to provide more information about Xiaoxue and to find clues about the suspect. Lin Zhiyue had already told everything she knew, so Luo Jian had to give up. Lin Zhiyue wanted to chat with the three girls, and Zhuang Wenjie quickly found their contact information.

Lin Zhiyue talked to the three naked girls separately, and they told in detail the voice, face and smile of the criminal suspect. Zhuang Wenjie came to the bar and cafe where the suspect and the girls met, and gave two hundred yuan to the store owner. He wanted to see the surveillance video at that time, but the owner refused. Thanks to Luo Jian's timely arrival, the store owner Bring up the surveillance video.

Luo Jian found that the criminal suspect had strong anti-reconnaissance ability. He sat in a secret position with his back to the surveillance cameras every time. The coffee shop owner saw from the man's movements and habits of stirring coffee that he was a very professional barista. Jian was secretly happy, which further narrowed the scope of investigation. Liao Shuang deduced the most likely cafe based on the locations of these three dates.

Luo Jian and Liao Shuang came to the cafe pretending to be regulars, and asked around the corner to find out the name of the barista who used to work here, Li Anfu. Zhuang Wenjie then came to this cafe, Luo Jian reminded him not to get involved in Xiaoxue's case, Zhuang Wenjie had to give up. Luo Jian took Li Anfu's badge and asked the three victim girls to identify him, and confirmed that he was the scumbag. Luo Jian found the house that Li Anfu rented and learned that he had handed over the keys to leave two days ago. A list of victims was found on Li Anfu's computer. Liao Shuang did not find Li Anfu's ticket purchase information, guessing that he was still in the city. Luo Jian sent Pangpazhi, Liao Shuang and Jiang Hao to go to the bathing center and the small hotel to find out the whereabouts of Li Anfu.

Zhuang Wenjie analyzed that Li Anfu and Li Shuting are related. He came to Zhulang Swimming Pool to investigate and simulated the scene of Li Anfu and Li Cuiting joining together. Zhuang Wenjie thought about it again and again and decided to tell Luo Jian the news. He just wanted to say that when he called, Luo Jian suddenly received a call from Jiang Hao and learned that Li Anfu had been found. Luo Jian hung up the phone and rushed over.

Li Anfu took a taxi to Yujiang, and suddenly received a call from Sister Hong. He had to return to Qingcheng and come to the designated hotel to stand by. Jiang Hao found out that Li Anfu and the three gangs were in the same room. Luo Jian made careful arrangements. They were just about to use the key card to go in to arrest someone. The elevator reminded him that someone was coming up. Luo Jian told the team members to disperse. A woman came up.


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