Zhuang Wenjie lied that he couldn't remember what Su Ziyi said before he died. Luo Jian didn't believe that he couldn't remember a word. Zhuang Wenjie didn't mention a word. Luo Jian had no choice but to leave the meal money. The proprietress praised Luo Jian as a good person, and took good care of Zhuang Wenjie, and advised Zhuang Wenjie to cherish this friend. Zhuang Wenjie blamed himself very much. He concealed a lot of things from Luo Jian, but he can't say it now.

Zhuang Wenjie pulled out a photo of him and his father, Zhuang Yaobai, and couldn't help but think of his childhood. Shortly after his father Zhuang Yaobai fell into the water and disappeared, someone from the orphanage picked him up. Zhuang Wenjie was looking through the documents of his father's case, when Xiaoxue came to him suddenly, hesitatingly trying to ask the police for help.

Ye Jia consulted an appraisal expert to confirm that the necklace found in the pool was real. Lao Ma and Ye Jia found out that Su Ziyi's real name is Li Shuting, who holds a Philippine passport and is a suspect in many jewelry thefts in Southeast Asia. Three months ago, Li Shuting came to Qingcheng and rented a unit. Luo Jian sent a huge intelligence to check Li Shuting's whereabouts within a month.

Ye Jia found many old scars on Li Shuting's body, inferring that she suffered inhuman abuse when she was a girl. Luo Jian went through the whole case from beginning to end, suspecting that Ding Shenghuo was the mastermind behind the scenes, he brought Liao Shuang to interrogate Ding Shenghuo again , But after sitting for a long time without speaking, Ding Shenghuo couldn't hold back his breath and took the initiative to speak. Luo Jian thanked him for providing the clue of the necklace and revealed the news of Li Shuting's death. Luo Jian tried hard to ask Ding Shenghuo and Li Shuting's relationship, but he refused. confess.

Zhuang Wenjie went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to inquire about the relics left by his father during his lifetime, and learned that those things were placed in the Jiangbei Branch of the Public Security Bureau, and Zhuang Wenjie came to the Jiangbei Branch. The police officer who handled the case briefly described the process of Zhuang Yaobai's falling into the water. Afterwards, they salvaged for a long time and could not find his body, but they were sure that Zhuang Yaobai was dead. Zhuang Wenjie went through the formalities and took his father's relics.

Zhuang Wenjie came home very late, Sun Zhijian had been waiting for him, Lin Zhiyue couldn't contact Zhuang Wenjie, so she called Sun Zhijian's cell phone, Lin Zhiyue couldn't find Xiaoxue everywhere, worried that something had happened to her, Zhuang Wenjie thought of Xiaoxue's abnormal behavior, and felt that something was wrong with her, Zhuang Wenjie took Sun Zhijian to find someone.

Xiaoxue was desperate. She wanted to commit suicide by jumping off the building, so she came to the top of the Oriental Building alone. Lin Zhiyue finally called Xiaoxue. Xiaoxue was completely disheartened. She said goodbye to Lin Zhiyue, and then hung up the phone. Zhuang Wenjie heard the bell and the loud wind on the phone, and guessed that Xiaoxue was on the top of the Dongfang Building. , the three of them rushed over immediately, but it was too late, and Xiaoxue jumped down from the upstairs.

The medical staff tried their best to rescue her, but Xiaoxue still died after the treatment failed. Lin Zhiyue wept bitterly, and Zhuang Wenjie didn't know how to comfort her. The matter spread quickly. Media reporters gathered around the school gate and asked the principal why Xiaoxue committed suicide by jumping off the building, but the principal avoided it.

Lin Zhiyue didn't believe that Xiaoxue could commit suicide, so Zhuang Wenjie had to say that Xiaoxue had come to him. The classmates discovered that the nude photos of Xiaoxue had been exposed on the Internet. Luo Jian came to Lin Zhiyue to learn about Xiaoxue's situation and revealed that Xiaoxue had borrowed 3 million naked. Lin Zhiyue couldn't help being surprised. Xiaoxue's family was difficult, but she lived a frugal life. . Ye Jia worked overtime to restore Xiaoxue's mobile phone data and reported to Luo Jian as soon as possible.


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