Su Ziyi grabbed the hook tightly, and quickly let go because she was not physically strong. Seeing that Su Ziyi was about to fall, Zhuang Wenjie rushed forward and took her hand, Su Ziyi was very moved, no one had ever risked her life for her, and she wanted to die. Desperately breaking free from Zhuang Wenjie's hand, he fell to his death on the spot. Zhuang Wenjie was unsteady and was almost taken down, but Luo Jian grabbed him in time.

Luo Jian was furious at Zhuang Wenjie and gave him a hard lesson, not allowing him to take any more risks. Lao Ma did not find the necklace of "Tears of the Moon God" on Su Ziyi's body. Luo Jian sent all the police officers to conduct a carpet search on the construction site. Liao Shuang and Jiang Hao carefully searched Zhuang Wenjie's bag, but did not find the necklace. The police officers searched carefully, but found nothing.

Luo Jian came to Director Zhao overnight to report the situation. Director Zhao scolded him and brought out his master Fang Haizhong. Luo Jian didn't want to hear it. He vowed to find out the truth as soon as possible, and then left without looking back. Early the next morning, Luo Jian sent someone to call Zhuang Wenjie and asked Jiang Hao to check his testimony. Zhuang Wenjie responded fluently and described in detail how he met Su Ziyi. Jiang Hao found nothing wrong.

Luo Jian carefully watched the hotel surveillance video and refused to let go of any details. He wanted to find out where Su Ziyi hid the necklace. Luo Jian found that something was wrong with Su Ziyi. The hall passes by. Luo Jian immediately rushed to the hall and simulated Su Ziyi's escape route over and over again. Finally, he found the necklace in the big pool. Luo Jian was puzzled and did not understand the purpose of Su Ziyi's move.

The "Water Lily" was sent to Qingcheng University for display, completely ruling out Zhuang Wenjie's suspicion. Lin Zhiyue was very happy, and immediately took her best friend Xiaoxue to visit. Lin Zhiyue wanted to surprise Zhuang Wenjie, but Xiaoxue joked that she was too fond of Zhuang Wenjie. Lin Zhiyue and Zhuang Wenjie have been classmates since childhood, and she has witnessed all the hardships he went through. After Zhuang Yaobai fell into the water and disappeared, the classmates isolated Zhuang Wenjie. Not only did Zhuang Wenjie not get beaten up, but he became stronger and stronger.

When Zhuang Wenjie returned to school, his classmates changed their attitude towards him and greeted him one after another. Lin Zhiyue wrote the words "return to school" on the blackboard. Zhuang Wenjie thanked her for her trust and support, and Lin Zhiyue hoped that Zhuang Wenjie would not suffer alone in the future. Everything, share happiness and sadness with her, Zhuang Wenjie promised.

Blink of an eye to the weekend, Zhuang Wenjie came to the restaurant in the alley to work, Luo Jian had been waiting for a long time, and wanted to get drunk with Zhuang Wenjie, Luo Jian regarded Zhuang Wenjie as a friend, toasted him three glasses of wine in a row, and persuaded him not to take any more risks, the most important thing right now. The thing is to study well. Zhuang Wenjie saw that Luo Jian had something to do. Luo Jian wanted to know what Su Ziyi said to him before he died, but Zhuang Wenjie hesitated and refused to answer. In fact, a mysterious person took the necklace from the pool in advance, took a photo carefully, and then threw the necklace back into the pool.


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