Luo Jian re-examined the clues he had. After careful analysis, he and Jiang Hao suspected that the purpose of the mysterious woman forcing Xu Wei to invade the Qing’an system was to tamper with the identity information of the escorts. Mr. Sun revealed that today’s escort task was to be controlled by Wen Hua. Wen Yuan, the CEO of the group, was entrusting to escort the necklace of "Tears of the Moon God" to the wedding scene. Luo Jian remembered that Ding Shenghuo once said about this necklace.

Xu Wei restored the whole process of attacking the system, and found that the mysterious woman had tampered with two data packets, one of which was the information sheet of Su Ziyi, the supervisor of Qing'an Weida Company. Su Ziyi is an employee of Qing'an Group, but the photo on the identity information is not her. The staff recognizes that the fake Su Ziyi has passed the identity verification and is now on the No. 3 escort car. Mr. Sun broke out in a cold sweat, and people found out that the escort car was on its way. To the Tonghe Building, Luo Jian drove Mr. Sun to intercept it.

Luo Jian called Liao Shuang to inform Liao Shuang to go to Tonghe Building. Liao Shuang threw Zhuang Wenjie and Sun Zhijian halfway. Zhuang Wenjie asked Sun Zhijian to bring his luggage back to school. He took a taxi and rushed to Tonghe Building. Today is Wen Yuanzheng's wedding day. He wants to give the "Tears of the Moon God" worth 6 million as a gift to his new wife. To be on the safe side, he specially ordered a lockbox from Qing'an Group that can be unlocked with palm prints. The escort car No. 3 arrived at Tonghe Building successfully. Su Ziyi took the password box upstairs and put the handbag in the escort car. The signal jammer was hidden in the escort car. Mr. Sun sent someone to contact the driver of the escort car, but the driver could not receive the information at all.

Mr. Sun firmly believed that the fake Su Ziyi could not steal the necklace. If someone tried to open the lockbox with external force, the lockbox would emit an alarm sound of up to 120 decibels. Su Ziyi came to see Wen Yuanzheng with the password box, checked his identity information, and asked Wen Yuanzheng's new wife Miss Shang to open the password box with her palm print. Miss Shang was ecstatic when she saw "Tears of the Moon God", Su Ziyi took the initiative to help Shang The lady put on the necklace and drew the curtains to demonstrate the fluorescent effect of the necklace.

Wen Yuanzheng found that the necklace was not on at all. He asked the staff to turn on the light and found that Su Ziyi had locked the door from the outside. She had already escaped. Wen Yuanzheng immediately sent someone to arrest Su Ziyi. Su Ziyi adjusted the string of "Tears of the Moon God" while wearing the necklace. She went to the bathroom, changed into the clothes that had been put here before, and swaggered on the elevator to leave.

Liao Shuang hurried to the Tonghe Building, and Zhuang Wenjie arrived later. He saw Su Ziyi coming out of the elevator. He thought she looked like the mysterious woman he saw in the swimming pool, so he chased her desperately. Su Ziyi went to the underground garage and rode a motorcycle. go. Luo Jian soon came to Tonghe Building. A woman on a motorcycle demonstrated to him not far away. Luo Jian hurried forward to chase, and Su Ziyi galloped away on a bicycle. Zhuang Wenjie took a taxi to chase after Su Ziyi, Luo Jian and Pang Dazhi drove separately to chase, Su Ziyi got off the motorcycle and ran wildly on the road, suddenly turned the car and ran to the small road, she rode to the village in the city, walking through the streets and alleys to avoid being tracked, Zhuang Wenjie opened the map Find an exit.

Su Ziyi rode her bike through the intersection and was hit by a speeding car. She deliberately threw her helmet in the opposite direction, then stumbled to the construction site and put on a worker's clothes to get in. Luo Jian led people to chase in the direction of the helmet, but found that they were fooled. They went back to chase to the construction site, and split up to search for Su Ziyi. Zhuang Wenjie quickly discovered Su Ziyi's whereabouts, blocked her on the stairs, and promised to give her the palm print and iris. As long as she told the story behind the photo, Su Ziyi categorically refused, the police car roared, Su Ziyi hurried to the roof, Zhuang Wenjie pursued her relentlessly, forcing her to capture her.

Su Ziyi knew that she was doomed, so she advised Zhuang Wenjie to stop thinking about revenge for his father Zhuang Yaobai. Luo Jian took someone to the top of the building, Su Ziyi took Zhuang Wenjie hostage while he was not prepared, and persuaded Zhuang Wenjie to stay away from the behind-the-scenes mastermind and stop investigating any further. the same fate as hers. Su Ziyi saw that the crane was getting closer, she pushed Zhuang Wenjie away, jumped up and pulled the hook of the crane.


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