Zhuang Wenjie went directly to the top of the building from another elevator and slid down the rope. He raced against time to get back to the ward before Luo Jian and the others. The nurse came to the ward and found that Zhuang Wenjie's ward was locked, and hurried back to get the spare key to open the door. Luo Jian, Liao Shuang and Jiang Hao arrived later and found that Zhuang Wenjie was not in the hospital bed, and Sun Zhijian was lying on the sofa sleeping soundly. Luo Jian hurriedly When Sun Zhijian was woken up, he had been sleeping until now, unaware that Zhuang Wenjie was not there.

Zhuang Wenjie came out of the bathroom. He excused that he didn't hear a knock on the door while he was taking a shower. The nurse repeatedly explained that the door of the ward could not be locked. Luo Jian found the window of the bathroom open and hurried to close it. Zhuang Wenjie hurriedly stopped him, worried that he would see the outside. rope. The nurse took Zhuang Wenjie's blood pressure and found that his heart rate was racing and his blood pressure was very high. Zhuang Wenjie explained that the temperature of the bath water was too high just now. Luo Jian was suspicious, but there was no conclusive evidence, so he had to take someone to leave first.

Zhuang Wenjie retracted the rope and put it in the suitcase under the bed. He tossed and turned on the bed, and got up overnight to take out the palm prints and iris he retrieved from the changing room of the swimming pool. In fact, the mysterious woman only stole an empty box. When Zhuang Wenjie was picking up things, he heard the sound of a woman's high heels approaching, so he took out the things in the box and took out the empty box. Remove palm prints and iris. Liao Shuang and Jiang Hao were not reconciled, Luo Jian also concluded that there was something wrong between Ding Shenghuo and Zhuang Wenjie, unless Zhuang Wenjie admitted that he could not find any evidence to testify against him for the time being. Called to inform Luo Jian, Luo Jian rushed back to conduct a surprise trial on them overnight.

Zhuang Wenjie searched on the Internet and found that Qing'an Group introduced the latest technological achievements, and introduced palmprint and iris recognition technology into the design of safety locks for the first time. The mysterious woman found that the box was empty, and she immediately reported to the master behind the scenes, suspecting that Ding Shenghuo was playing tricks. Only the fly mastered palm print and iris techniques, and he and Ding Shenghuo had a one-line connection. Wanting to snatch something back from Zhuang Wenjie, the master behind the scene hurriedly stopped her and asked her to implement a backup plan. After promising to fulfill her promise to her, the woman reluctantly agreed.

Luo Jian called Xu Wei and asked him to find the person who threatened him to crack the key among the five suspects. Xu Wei denied them one by one. He clearly remembered that the person was not tall and thin. Xu Wei stayed at the time. Carefully, he recorded the phone conversation between the two of them. Luo Jian sent people to interrogate these five people. They all confessed that they were entrusted to steal rough diamonds, but they have never seen the person behind the scenes.

Luo Jian asked Ye Jia to restore the voice of the call record, but he didn't expect the other party to be a woman. Luo Jian felt that the Qing'an Group security system intrusion case, Jia Jinyan's manuscript theft case and Baoyun jewelry theft case were committed by the same group of people, and decided to Combining these three cases for investigation, Luo Jian concluded that the mysterious woman's target was not a rough diamond, and Xu Wei explained that the woman had operated a computer. Luo Jian suspected that she had tampered with important data, and Ye Jia took the initiative to ask Ying to go to Qing'an Group. After investigation, Luo Jian asked her to take Xu Wei with her.

Zhuang Wenjie was discharged from the hospital today after the doctor agreed. Liao Shuang called to report to Luo Jian, Luo Jian told her to return to the team immediately, and Zhuang Wenjie asked Liao Shuang to drive him and Sun Zhijian back to school. Liao Shuang had to agree. Luo Jian and Ye Jia brought Xu Wei to Qing'an Group again. They learned that Qing'an Group had just established Weida Security Company. Luo Jian asked Mr. Sun about the security company's situation and strict and standardized work procedures. Mr. Sun repeatedly emphasized The company only provides private services for high-end customers.

Lin Zhiyue and her best friend came to the hospital to see Zhuang Wenjie, only to know that he had been discharged. The best friend called Sun Zhijian to hold him accountable. Zhuang Wenjie hurriedly answered the phone and promised to meet Lin Zhiyue at school. Liao Shuang couldn't help making fun of Zhuang Wenjie. Zhuang Wenjie suddenly changed the subject and talked about the three recent cases. He believed that the thieves stole Jia Jinyan's books and jewelry were all pretences. It was inconvenient for Zhuang Wenjie to tell her a dream, so she told Luo Jian to target the business of Qing'an Group.

The mysterious woman started the backup plan and created a new identity for herself overnight. She transformed herself into Su Ziyi, the supervisor of Qingan Weida Company. Early the next morning, Su Ziyi took the security guards with live ammunition to carry out the escort task, successfully passed the identity verification with the card made by herself, and took the goods out and put them in the car. Luo Jian pondered for a long time, and felt that the escorts of Qingan Weida Company were very suspicious.


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