Zhuang Wenjie is a top student in the law department of Qingcheng University. He is a senior this year. He loves painting. He was influenced by his mother since he was a child. He especially likes "Water Lilies" by Li Chengyi, a famous painter in the Republic of China. A single painting is thoroughly familiar. The school art gallery holds a painting exhibition. This water lily is one of the exhibits. Zhuang Wenjie looks at this painting every day, and it takes half an hour to see it.

On this day, Zhuang Wenjie came to the art museum again and went straight to the painting. While he was appreciating it carefully, the art museum suddenly lost power. After 18 seconds, the power supply was restored. Just as the security guards came to inspect, Zhuang Wenjie immediately called the police to them.

The criminal police team of Qingcheng Public Security Bureau received the report and immediately launched a meticulous investigation. The captain of the criminal police, Luo Jian, held a case analysis meeting, and police officer Su Ying analyzed the case in detail. In 1987, this "Water Lily" was stolen from an overseas Chinese villa in the United States and its whereabouts were unknown until an anonymous collector donated the painting to the museum in 2001. The police compared the footprints at the scene, except for the security guard who came to visit the students, no other outsiders were found.

Luo Jian personally questioned Zhuang Wenjie. Zhuang Wenjie clearly pointed out that Li Chengyi's "Water Lilies" was painted from the outside to the inside, and the veins of the leaves were outlined when the leaves were about to dry. The fake one was just the opposite, and he found that the painting axis was one centimeter away from the original position. , Zhuang Wenjie suspects that someone used the four-way hook to exchange the fake for the real one. Police officer Pang Pangzhi felt that Zhuang Wenjie was the most suspicious. Last year, the computer of a classmate in the dormitory was stolen and returned shortly after. The classmates suspected that Zhuang Wenjie had stolen it. During this period, he was the only one entering and leaving the dormitory. As a result, since then, there has been a gap between Zhuang Wenjie and his classmates. Pangpazhi also found out that Zhuang Wenjie's great-grandfather and grandfather were famous thieves. Twelve years ago, Zhuang Wenjie's father Zhuang Yaobai and his accomplice Ding Shenghuo stole the famous painting "Luo Shen". Jiang Zhong, although the body has never been found, the police determined that he fell into the water and died.

The technical department analyzed the fake "water lily" and found that the signature was Zhuang Wenjie, and it was written in invisible ink. All the signs pointed to Zhuang Wenjie. Due to the lack of conclusive evidence, Luo Jian had to let Zhuang Wenjie go back to continue the class. In the next few days, Luo Jian took people to the Qingcheng University Art Museum for investigation many times. His girlfriend Lin Zhiyue firmly believed that Zhuang Wenjie was innocent. Luo Jian came to Zhuang Wenjie and asked him to think about any suspicious people or things recently. Zhuang Wenjie clearly remembered that he came home from school and saw the window opened.

Luo Jian repeatedly stated that he would not suspect Zhuang Wenjie because Zhuang Yaobai was a thief, and reminded him to be careful in the future, not to let people with bad intentions trouble him because of Zhuang Yaobai. Luo Jian knew that Zhuang Wenjie had experienced ups and downs after the death of his parents, and he left only behind before leaving. The next meaningful sentence----"If you want to get rid of the darkness, you must try to make yourself stand on the light side."

When his good friend Fattou Sun heard about Zhuang Wenjie's incident, he greeted him and asked him warmly. Zhuang Wenjie firmly believed that the truth would be revealed sooner or later. Luo Jian brought police officer Liao Shuang to Qingcheng University again, and found that a piece of glass on the ceiling of the art gallery had passed by, just in front of the "water lily". The hook stole the painting.

Zhuang Wenjie took the initiative to come to Luo Jian and wanted to take a look at the fake again. Zhuang Wenjie found that the original painting was printed on paper with a projector and then copied. The color of the fake is almost the same as the real one. Luo Jian also called Mr. Fang, the painter, to the police station. He smelled the plant pigment Xu Kangcao on the painting. Zhuang Wenjie believed that it was the work of a street artist. They used Xu Kangcao to make the color saturation of the painting better. Taking this as a gimmick to sell, Mr. Fang is full of praise for his analysis.

Zhuang Wenjie accidentally saw a suspicious young man chatting with Lin Zhiyue, and he muttered in his heart. Luo Jian came to the street painter to understand the situation, and found out that Masan is the best at painting landscapes. Luo Jian came to Ma San, Ma San saw the picture of "Water Lily" shot on Luo Jian's phone and turned around and ran away, Luo Jian caught him without any effort, Ma San explained that a young man who called himself Zhuang Wenjie called I gave him a lot of money and asked him to copy the ancient painting "Water Lilies", and specially proposed to put the name "Zhuang Wenjie" on the painting. When Zhuang Wenjie came home from school, he found that the things on the door had not moved, so he opened the door and entered the house with confidence. Unexpectedly, three strangers came to the house.


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