Just when Suying mobilized her forces to search Tianyao in the whole city, she didn't expect that Xiange had brought Yanhui and Tianyao to the dungeon. Yanhui saw that the dungeon was full of persecuted monsters, and she lamented that Xiange Nian spent all the money he earned here, but Tian Yao questioned the purpose of Xiange. After all, she is a human being, why did she do her best to help the demon? Xiange told the truth, her parents died again when she was young, and it was the demon who raised her Growing up, she did this just to repay her kindness.

Tian Yao felt that what Xian Ge did was great, and he also wanted to make some contributions to everyone. Seeing that many monsters in the dungeon were injured, Tian Yao used mana to silently recite the spell, and healed all the injured monsters with spells. A monster who had seen the power of the spirit dragon recognized Tian Yao, and all the monsters cheered. Now that the monster clan has hope, they knelt down and shouted the Dragon King in unison. Everyone got up to talk, and Yan Hui was shocked to see such a scene. At this time, Xian Ge also told everyone a good news, she is organizing the manpower to dig the tunnel, and everyone will be free in three days.

After Tian Yao got the keel, he continued to practice, his mana has been greatly improved, and the current situation does not need to dodge as a demon servant, so Yanhui returned the demon servant name tag to Tian Yao and lifted it. The contractual relationship between the two was broken, and Tianyao was asked to restore the body of a spirit dragon to show others. Tianyao sincerely thanked Yanhui for his help all the time, and promised to repay him a hundred times in the future. Yanhui was not polite, and immediately asked him to Teach himself how to enter the Sea of Consciousness, Tian Yao immediately implemented it, and since it was the first time for Yan Hui to enter the Sea of Consciousness, he decided to take her in. After the two entered Yanhui's sea of consciousness, they found that Hu Xinlin had been sealed by an expert. Yanhui concluded that it was Ling Xiao who did it. Safety, Tian Yao reminded her not to be too optimistic, Su Ying reached the realm of a master twenty years ago, it is not difficult to break the seal.

After leaving the Sea of Consciousness, Yan recalled the scene where Suying defeated the two with Yuanshen. Tianyao told her that Suying was using the Nine-Tailed Fox to make alchemy. Yan recalled the scene where Ling Shuang was looking for the Nine-Tailed Fox in Chenxing Mountain. This connection shows that Ling Shuang and Su Ying are in collusion, so Chen Xingshan and Guanghan Sect are also closely related. Tian Yao suspects that Ling Xiao is also involved, but Yan Hui does not believe it, and the two quarrel because of this . When Bai Xiaosheng woke up, he was very interested in the progress of Tianyao and Yanhui's relationship. After learning of their quarrel, he persuaded them in every possible way, tried his best to match the two, and even threatened to inform Suying that Yanhui didn't want to cause trouble. , had no choice but to stop Tian Yao from attacking Bai Xiaosheng. He wanted to act with Tian Yao to deceive Bai Xiaosheng, but Bai Xiaosheng almost saw it through. Thanks to their acting skills, they did not reveal their flaws.

Suying asked Lu Musheng to take the elixir that can awaken memories, but Lu Musheng was concerned about his wife and refused to take it no matter what, he also said that even if he remembered the past, it was impossible for him to be so cruel to Suying She brought Lu Musheng to the Nine-Tailed Fox Yunxi, and asked him to take a good look at the fact that his beloved wife is a demon. Seeing that Yun Xi was covered in injuries, Lu Musheng rushed up and hugged her. Yun Xi bit Lu Musheng's shoulder, but she gradually regained her sanity under Lu Musheng's embrace. She pushed Lu Musheng away, unwilling to let him see Lu Musheng refused to let go of her like this, and even said that no matter what she became, she was his wife, and even said that he would take her home. Seeing this scene, Su Ying knocked Yun Xi down without a word, Lu Musheng thought Yun Xi After being killed by her, he turned around and tried to fight Suying, but Suying just moved a finger, and he fell to the ground.

Xiange wanted to pass the news that Princess Yunxi was trapped back to Qingqiu, so that Qingqiu would send someone to rescue her. Although Yongzhou City was sealed off, she believed that Feng Qianshuo would have a solution, but Feng Qianshuo was already in danger. Feng Ming controlled him to tell Linglong's whereabouts, but Feng Qianshuo didn't know about it, and even if he knew, he wouldn't tell. Xiange came to Qijuetang to find Feng Qianshuo, and learned that he was taken away by Feng Ming, and Feng Qianshuo found the kit left by his father before his death, so that he could deal with Feng Ming. Yanhui followed Tianyao's suggestion to enter the Sea of Consciousness to practice, but she couldn't break the black rock, and then asked Tianyao for advice. Tianyao didn't want her to be too disappointed, so he spent his magic power for Yanhui to let her consciousness The sea was able to expand, and her spiritual power also had a qualitative breakthrough.


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