The owner of the monster saw that his monster was kicked out of the ring, but he refused to admit defeat, and directly summoned the monster back to the ring, intending to fight Tian Yao for the final fight. Yanhui and Tianyao waited in line, thinking about how to crack it, they all saw that the left knee of the monster was injured, but how to use this injury to give it a fatal blow, Yanhui quickly thought of countermeasures, the owner of the monster However, he was in a hurry to let the monster use its killer mace and round kick. Facing the menacing monster, Yanhui asked Tian Yao to meet it directly with his face. Tian Yao was very puzzled, but as a monster servant, he could only obey. Command, just when the monster's huge body was about to approach Tianyao, Yanhui looked at the right time to let Tianyao dodge, and at the same time flipped and rode on the shoulder of the monster, then flipped back, took the monster up and sent it Overwhelmed to the ground, its left knee fell heavily on the ground, the monster could no longer fight back, and could only accept the result of failure, Tian Yao won.

Yan Hui excitedly rushed down to celebrate with Tian Yao, and asked about his injury with concern. At this time, the steward of the underground colosseum killed the defeated monster directly, saying that this is the rule of the underground colosseum. Recalling her heart, if Tianyao loses, she will end up in the same end, and she begins to think about ways to escape. Xian Ge waited for a long time but did not see Yanhui and Tianyao returning. She was very worried about the situation of the two of them. Feng Qianshuo came to inform Tianyao and Yanhui of the situation. After entering the Colosseum, Tianyao also participated in the duel between monsters. Although Tianyao won, the winner had to participate in the next duel. After learning about this situation, Xiange immediately decided to go to save people. Qian Shuo stepped forward to stop him, expressing that he would find a way to save him, and told Xian Ge not to put himself in danger. Xian Ge knew that Feng Ming had already suspected him, and didn't want to embarrass him anymore, but Feng Qian Shuo was willing, and after all, it was a word of love. .

Yanhui bribed the guards and came to the prison to see Tianyao. She could not let Tianyao participate in the next duel. Firstly, the result was unpredictable, and secondly, she did not want to see other monsters being killed after failing. But she didn't know how to escape, so she could only discuss countermeasures with Tianyao. Tianyao lost his mana, and as long as he regained his mana, there would be a solution. Yan Hui guessed that it might be his demon servant name tag that caused Tian Yao to lose his mana. After she described it, Tian Yao concluded that the name plate was hung by the Eight Desolation Shenmu, It is a sacred tree used by a real person to deal with monsters a hundred years ago, but the sacred tree only works on servants. As long as Yanhui retrieves the name tag, Tianyao can restore mana.

Yan Hui decided to get the name tag, but the road was full of formations similar to star arrays, so she had to climb up the fence and approach carefully, and finally came to the place where the name tag was placed, but she couldn't get it because her arms were not long enough. Thanks to Bai Xiaosheng's timely appearance, the two of them worked together to remove Tianyao's nameplate. The guards rushed over when they heard the movement, and Bai Xiaosheng hurriedly took Yan Hui to hide. The distance between the two was a bit too close. Although Yan Hui was grateful to Bai Xiaosheng, he was somewhat resistant to this distance. Afterwards, Bai Xiaosheng broke into the prison with Yanhui. Tian Yao didn't believe that Bai Xiaosheng came to save him so kindly, so Bai Xiaosheng had to tell the truth, saying that he did indeed change the signs, but he was just to test them. Tianyao questioned the purpose of his behavior even more. Could it be that he had eaten too much? Bai Xiaosheng had no choice but to tell the truth. He wanted to find such a tacit and sincere Xuanyao couple to help him. Do one thing by yourself, but Tianyao directly refuses it.

Yan Hui knew Bai Xiaosheng's ability, and if he wanted to leave here, Bai Xiaosheng would play a very important role, she hurried forward to persuade him, Bai Xiaosheng agreed to help Tian Yao get his body back, and Tian Yao agreed to help him. Feng Qianshuo asked Feng Ming for a pair of slaves, Yanhui and Tianyao, and he could buy them with money, but Feng Ming suspected his purpose. The uncle and nephew were at odds, and Feng Ming was full of suspicion towards Feng Qianshuo , while Feng Qianshuo suspected that Feng Ming had killed his father and seized the Feng family's property.

Tianyao and Yanhui came to the eighteenth floor of the underground Colosseum. Tianyao immediately sensed that the dragon's horn was inside, but because of the tight defense, even the gate was made of sky-replenishing stones, so he couldn't open it with his current mana. Although Yan Hui has a heart-protecting scale, he is helpless due to limited mana. Tian Yao had no choice but to help Yan Hui open the sea of consciousness. The entire underground colosseum was almost burned down, and the imprisoned monsters took the opportunity to scatter and escape. Xiange, who was about to rescue Yanhui and Tianyao, immediately had someone guide the monsters into the basement she had prepared before. Feng Qiansuo wanted to stop Xiange , but was knocked out by Yuli and brought back to Wangyulou.

Yanhui and Tianyao entered the 18th floor of the Colosseum and saw Qingqiu, a nine-tailed fox hanging in the air, and Suying who was practicing. Bai Xiaosheng appeared in time to rescue them. After Suying's primordial spirit came back to her senses, she woke up. She knew that Tianyao had come, and immediately set up a dragon horn array to seal Yongzhou City. No one could get out of Yongzhou City. Tianyao, make it difficult for him to fly.


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