Feng Qianshuo provided Xiange with the news that Tianxiangfang was related to the missing servant. He knew that Xiange might come to investigate. For the safety of Xiange, he pretended to be a man in black to meet Xiange. He asked Xiange if it was worth it. Xiange firmly replied that it was worth it, Feng Qianshuo had no choice but to protect her Zhouquan. Yanhui and Tianyao inadvertently triggered the point star array during the investigation. The guards found that someone had broken in and hurriedly surrounded them. They first discovered Xiange and Feng Qianshuo, but they protected Tianyao and Yanhui.

Feng Ming shoots a hidden arrow at Xian Ge, Feng Qianshuo defends Xian Ge when he sees this, and the arrow hits his left shoulder, Xian Ge immediately releases a smoke bomb and takes Feng Qianshuo to escape. Back to the Wangyu Tower. Tian Yao immediately rescued Feng Qianshuo, but luckily the injury was not serious, Yanhui was very interested in Feng Qianshuo's identity, when she learned that Feng Qianshuo was a dude who frequently married concubines, Yanhui Persuading Xiange to stay away from him, Xiange explained that the interior of Tianxiangfang was complicated, and Feng Qianshuo did this for her. She had asked Feng Qianshuo about the news before, and coupled with her investigation, the servants who disappeared in Yongzhou City recently were related to Tianxiangfang's underground Colosseum is related, and she visited Tianxiangfang tonight to find the entrance of the underground Colosseum. Yan Hui immediately thought of the star array she touched, and guessed that it was the entrance to the underground Colosseum.

Xian Ge didn't know why they were also involved. Tian Yao couldn't tell her that he was trying to get the dragon's horn, but he promised Xian Ge to help her rescue the slaves who were imprisoned in the Colosseum. After Feng Qianshuo woke up, he resisted Tianyao very much. He also recognized Yanhui. In fact, Feng Qianshuo was the boss behind Qijuetang. The pockets never come back, and finally Xiange came forward, and Feng Qiansuo showed some sincerity of gratitude. He gave Yanhui and Tianyao two golden feathers, and they could enter the underground Colosseum with this token.

Although Yanhui confessed that she was rejected by Tianyao, Tianyao's charm was irresistible to her. When she was with Tianyao, she would not only blush and have a heartbeat, but even had nosebleeds. keep distance. Wang Pengyuan was worried about losing Yanhui, so he went to Tianxiangfang to get Hu Meixiang's antidote, and then rushed to find Yanhui. Tianyao sealed Yanhui's residence with an enchantment, and Wang Pengyuan could not enter, so he said to himself outside the house Talking to himself, Bai Xiaosheng was shocked when he told Yan Hui that he had given Yan Hui the poisonous poison. It turned out that Yan Hui and Tian Yao's relationship between Xuan Yao and Xuan Yao was not trustworthy. Yanhui and Tianyao met with Wang Pengyuan, Wang Pengyuan told the truth, Yanhui suddenly realized, and immediately drank the antidote, and everything returned to normal after a while, Yanhui realized that the strange behavior these days was caused by Hu Meixiang, but she was very angry with her. Tian Yao seemed to have a different feeling.

Yanhui didn't want to get too entangled with Wang Pengyuan, so she resolutely rejected Wang Pengyuan's love proposal and wished him a happy love in the future. Tianyao and Yanhui found that Bai Xiaosheng had escaped, and the barrier Tianyao set up could not trap him. Bai Xiaosheng suddenly appeared, accusing the so-called love between the two of them because of Hu Meixiang, and he murdered them However, Yanhui, who has returned to normal, still cares about Tianyao very much, and Tianyao also sacrificed himself to protect Yanhui, so Bai Xiaosheng decided to give them another chance, and the underground Colosseum is the best test place.

Tianyao and Yanhui came to Tianxiangfang with golden feathers, and they were immediately regarded as VIPs. Bai Xiaosheng also followed quietly. He exchanged the signs of the VIP hall and the Colosseum, causing Tianyao and Yanhui to enter by mistake. After entering the Colosseum, Yan Hui handed over the master-servant contract and signed it without knowing why, which directly pushed Tian Yao into the fighting arena in the Colosseum and became tonight's challenger. On the other hand, Feng Ming suspected that his nephew Feng Qianshuo was one of the men in black who visited Tianxiangfang last night. He came to the Wangyu Tower and took Feng Qianshuo away, and used the chance of his family serving tea to test him. There was no sign of injury on his left shoulder, so he was relieved.

Yanhui couldn't change it after she learned that she was in the wrong place. If she gave up the challenge, Tianyao would belong to the Colosseum. She could only pin her hopes on Tianyao. What Tianyao was facing was a powerful monster , he can’t use spells yet, and he must be ordered by Yanhui to act. Faced with such rules, Tianyao and Yanhui were very uncomfortable at first, and Tianyao was almost knocked out of the ring. After a period of adaptation, Yanhui The cooperation with Tian Yao gradually became a tacit understanding, and the monster was knocked out of the ring.


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