Tianyao saw that Yuli had a burn on his hand, and he healed Yuli easily with spells. Seeing such superb medical skills, Yuli thought of a way for Tianyao to make money, that is to open a medical clinic in Wangyulou , specializing in the treatment of difficult and miscellaneous diseases, this will not only allow Tianyao to make money, but Wangyulou can also increase its popularity. This idea did bring good results. Tian Yao took the name of Ah Fu as a sitting doctor. His miraculous medical skills made him famous. All her thoughts were on Tian Yao, looking at Tian Yao who was busy seeing a doctor, she felt that he was very attractive, and his every move was plucking at her heartstrings.

Bai Xiaosheng is a hidden monster. He seems to be researching a topic, whether there is real love between mysterious monsters. After a period of investigation and testing, he came to a conclusion that it is impossible for mysterious monsters to have a sincere relationship. , but when he saw Yanhui and Tianyao, his desire to study was aroused again. Bai Xiaosheng heard that Tianyao's medical skills are very good, so he came to investigate and found that he turned out to be a demon. Bai Xiaosheng teased Tianyao and asked him to heal the acne on his face. Going to pick the needle, Bai Xiaosheng suddenly felt hatred, and raised his hand to hit Tianyao, but was stopped by Yanhui, she responded domineeringly, her servants were to be punished by her, and others could not move, Bai Xiaosheng saw that Yanhui liked After going to Tianyao, he decided to follow the progress of the Xuan Yao pair.

Yanhui felt that she was becoming more and more infatuated with Tianyao. She found her good sister Xiange to find the answer. Xiange insisted that she was in love with Tianyao. It cannot be explained by other words. Feng Qianshuo, the young master of Tianxiangfang, has always loved Xiange, but Xiange's attitude was a little indifferent, so Feng Qianshuo came up with a way to stimulate Xiange by marrying a concubine. Every time he married a house, he would invite Xiange to watch the ceremony. Not interested, but this time she went and stopped Feng Qianshuo in the street. Feng Qianshuo thought that Xiange had changed her mind, but it turned out that Xiange was inquiring about the missing slaves in Yongzhou City. Knowing the purpose of Xiange, Feng Qianshuo still revealed According to some information, these missing servants are related to Tianxiangfang.

After hearing the persuasion from her good sister, Yanhui began to wonder if she really fell in love with Tianyao. For this reason, she also conducted an experiment. As long as she was too close to Tianyao, her heart would beat violently, and she would also love Tianyao. Huichun's heart sprouted, and at first she thought it was Hu Xinlin's mischief, but later she felt that something was wrong, so she concluded that she fell in love with Tianyao, just as Xiange said, love is a mysterious and incomprehensible thing. One day quietly walked into your heart. Tian Yao wanted to take out the dragon's horn, so he asked Yan Hui to get his heart and soul to help him break the formation. Yan Hui was even more worried that he would be ambushed because of this. Tian Yao said that he had conducted a field investigation before, and there was indeed a gold-swallowing beast there. Guan, now he has enough gold to deal with the gold-swallowing beast, all he needs to do is lure it away, so that Yan Hui can't worry too much, Yan Hui now knows why Tian Yao puts so much effort into making money.

Through a series of observations, Bai Xiaosheng discovered that Yanhui and Tianyao, the Xuanyao couple, were indeed in true love. Before he finished recording, he saw Tianyao sneaking out alone. This was obviously an act of concealing Yanhui. He decided to follow Tian Yao to investigate. Tian Yao came to the gate tower and found that there were disciples from the Guanghan Sect on duty in front of the gate tower today. After a while, Su Ying also brought someone over. The enemy was extremely jealous when they met. Tian Yao immediately wanted to rush out to take revenge. Otherwise, Tianyao may never return.

After going through this incident, Yanhui decided to confess to Tianyao, but the timing of her choice was a bit wrong, Tianyao was still immersed in sadness, how could he have time to think about the relationship between his children, he said that he would no longer believe in love, Yan Hui's first confession was declined, she felt very humiliated. Bai Xiaosheng is good at concealing himself. He followed Longjiao to Tianxiangfang quietly, and witnessed the process of Fengming using the nine-tailed fox Qingqiu to refine incense. Setting a restriction, he had no choice but to pick up a pill, hoping to test the relationship between Yanhui and Tianyao.

Yanhui confessed that she was not in a good mood when she was rejected, and she was woken up by knocking on the door early the next morning. What made her even more annoying was Tian Yao, which made her even more upset and irritable. Only then did Yanhui become overjoyed. She immediately took the gold and went to Qijue Hall to find the answer, but the result still disappointed her. After all the money was spent, there was no effective way to heal her broken heart. Now the only way to help Tianyao find it With physical and spiritual power, rely on him to help him heal his strange illness.

Bai Xiaosheng pretended to like Yanhui to test her relationship with Tianyao. The result of the test was that the relationship between the two was stronger than Jinjian. Seeing this result, he was a little excited, so he revealed to Yanhui the news that Longjiao was in Tianxiangfang. Yao worried that Bai Xiaosheng would know too much and threaten them, so he used Yanhui's blood enchantment to seal him in the house, and he and Yanhui visited Tianxiangfang at night.


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